Skaters Thumb Their Noses at State Supreme Court Ruling

A New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the Broadway Bomb – a skating race down the middle of Broadway in New York City, in the middle of traffic – is illegal.

Did that stop the skaters? Of course not. First of all, they’re skaters. Skaters and especially skateboarders routinely break all sorts of laws in order to fulfill their need for speed. Second of all, they’re New Yorkers. New Yorkers tend not to take “No” for an answer, even from their own Supreme Court judge.

So, on Saturday, the Broadway Bomb happened, with only minor hassles from police. No arrests were reported as hundreds or skaters and skateboarders bombed their way down the center of New York City.

I missed this year’s race. But I just happened to get into the middle of last year’s event. Check out my eyewitness video below:

YouTube Preview Image