Wise Words About the Future of Christianity and Evangelicalism

Mark Galli and Andy Crouch of Christianity Today with some wise observations about evangelicalism:

North American evangelicals can be astonishingly innovative and entrepreneurial, but we can also be indifferent to history and unconcerned about the future. We can be remarkably generous and dedicated, and blithely enslaved to consumerism and technology. We can be amazingly concerned about the needs of the world, and infuriatingly condescending to leaders from places where the needs are greatest. We can be unsurpassed in our cultural savvy, and embarrassingly thin in our cultural production. We are experts at building movements that last a few short years, and innocents at what it takes to sustain change over time.

And what is evangelicalism all about, according to Galli and Crouch?

Evangelicalism—in the true sense of the word—was never meant to be a marginal movement within the Christian faith. And the focus of this magazine is not a small piece of the Christian story, but rather its living heart, the Christians in every tradition and communion who seek to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Check out the rest of their thoughts in “The Future of Today’s Christianity.”

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