Redemption in Angola Prison

Over at Comment Magazine, John Rottman has an interesting piece on the astounding transformation at Angola Prison in New Orleans—home to hardened criminals and gang members. Here’s part of it:

The kingdom of God has also brought a sense of vocation in the value of work. Prisoners earn money by making crafts and selling them at the annual rodeo, which draws about 10,000 people a year to the prison. Inmates work in the wood shops or making jewelry and sell what they have made in booths at the rodeo. Leather goods, paintings, and all the sorts of items one might buy at a local art fair are available. And again, the transformation of prison culture has allowed for commerce, creativity, and social interactions that would have been impossible prior to what God did there.

The story deserves to be read, and told—a true example of transformation.

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  • TomB

    That was amazing, Alissa!

    Thank you!