How Do We Overcome the Fear of Death?

At The Curator, Win Bassett thinks about stories about death can help us overcome the fear of death:

Embracing our infected existence, even while we teeter on the brink of nonexistence, serves as the sole saving grace to quell these fears. Sadly (or happily, depending on our framing), this acceptance of our curious, awkward and mangled journey to a stop often happens only when we see the last signpost—whether up close, a few clicks ahead, or as it barely becomes visible over the horizon. It’s these stories, not of close calls but of how to embrace a life of grace after the call begins to faintly ring in the background, that help us, if ever so slightly, quiet our disquiets.

Death is frightening, to be sure – but we all go through it, and we can help one another. Read the whole article here.

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