Even Better Than the Real Thing

Did you see this commercial for Chipotle restaurants that went viral?

Well, over at Christianity Today Movies, critic Jeffrey Overstreet saw the commercial as a metaphor for how hungry we – as audiences and consumers – are for something real. So he took that opportunity to write about two overlooked filmsThis is Martin Bonner and Museum Hours:

I’m finding a growing audience of moviegoers for films that are artful but modest, films designed to inspire conversation rather than award-season hype. Films that provoke without pandering. That invite without insisting. That offer subtle beauty instead of shocking pizzazz. That grow from an artist’s exploration and experience instead of a studio’s formulas and box office analysis.

Maybe we’re tired of being bludgeoned into amazement. Maybe a good story about real people, distinguished by a sense of mystery, would be just the thing.

The whole essay is worth a read!

  • http://thehighcalling.org/ Marcus Goodyear

    I’m certainly not a fan of being bludgeoned into amazement, but I do like shocking pizzazz. It’s fun to watch, you know?