For the Love of Books

At the High Calling, they’re talking about the love of books – and starting off with A Prayer for Owen Meany. (I admittedly haven’t read the book, but nearly everyone I know loves it.)

I remember more of the individuals in that class than I do from any other class I took in college: the studious red-head who sat at the front of the class and answered all the questions (now a professor); the thoughtful girl with the long brown hair (now studying and writing abroad); the guy my age who looked like a boy and glided late into class every morning, bedhead hair in all directions. Their faces are etched in my mind, and I’m Facebook friends with many of them to this day—almost 20 years later.

But there was one person I met in that class who would impact me more than any of them. One person who I feel that I know better than most friends I’ve made over the years.

His name is Owen Meany.

Read the whole thing here, and pitch in below: what book (perhaps besides the Bible) changed your life?

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