What The Internet Can’t Do

Over at Image’s Good Letters blog, Stuart Scadron-Wattles is reflecting on the value of curation in our info-saturated world:

In other words, I get to read what I already have read. Amazon gets to sell me something, and—assuming I repeatedly click the right button, my reading life begins to resemble life in these American suburbs: safe, familiar, smooth roads, with pre-approved credit limits, brand names, and architecture to match.

The Internet could do better than that. In fact, it already does, but—as with so much in life—one must seek out the adventure.

Or subscribe to it.

Read the whole thing here. Who do you trust to curate the internet for you? (I’m lately really enjoying the daily Prufrock News email.)

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  • Alan

    Curation? Really? When I have to look up a word from 15 th century usage, and the article is about choosing what to read on the internet, I push the back- arrow and go to the next story.