Writing (And Other) Routines

I thought this blog post by Ben Sherman was really interesting. In it, he talks about bad writing routines – and good ones, too:

There is a place I used to go in California that always seemed to be full of writers – students, professors, novelists, writers of screenplays and children’s books and humanitarian reports. It was a popular spot and the coffee was good. Over a few months I myself drafted two whole books at that cafe (it must have been the quality of the coffee); though I discarded both books after I’d finished them (it must have been the quantity of the coffee.)

In that particular establishment, I took great interest in studying the routines of the writers who came through the door. Ninety percent of them followed exactly the same pattern, which I will now describe for you as carefully as I can . . .

You can read the whole thing here.

But I found it interesting mostly because I wonder how this applies to other vocations. I’m a writer, and think about writing all the time (mostly about how I don’t have enough time for it). But what about other types of work? Are there routines that people find useful for cultivating faithful labor in the field where they’re placed? What about things like prayer and spiritual discipline?

Share them below! I’m interested.

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