Ascension and Vocation

Over at the Washington Institute, Laura Merzig Fabrycky writes about Christ’s ascension, and what it means for our understanding of our vocation:

So beyond being a bit of biblical trivia that we might affirm as true, what does Christ’s ascension have to do with my waking up, pouring the morning’s coffee, checking email, and heading out to work for the day? How does Christ’s ascension matter to my life and its vocational commitments? Is the ascension a public reality, or a mere religious curiosity, one of the harder credal nuggets to swallow, much less explain?

Few have taught better on this point recently than Timothy Keller or N.T. Wright, both of whom stress that Christ’s Ascension is key to empowered Christian faith and public work. Both also acknowledge that the Ascension has much to do with the secure advancement of Christ’s kingdom on earth, as well as a radical expansion of his presence throughout the world. It’s globe-altering good news.

Read the whole article here.

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