The House of the Virgin Mary?

The House of the Virgin Mary? For most of my life, I never gave much thought to what happened to Mary, the mother of Jesus, after his death. I figured that she went to Jerusalem, where James, one of her other sons (or stepsons, if you prefer), was a prominent early Christian leader. A good [Read More…]

News Flash: Another Turkish Archeological Site Gets International Attention

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog recently, I’ve been focusing on a “tour” of ancient Ephesus in relationship to the New Testament. I had promised to move today’s “tour” to the so-called House of the Virgin Mary, but, instead, I want to focus on a story from yesterday’s news. It relates to [Read More…]

Where is God’s Country? Sunday Inspiration from the High Calling

Where Is God’s Country? Psalm 82:1-8 Rise up, O God, and judge the earth, for all the nations belong to you. Psalm 82:8 Where is God’s country? Plenty of people can answer that question, because they think they live in God’s country. I’ve heard people in Montana, New Mexico, California, and Texas refer to the [Read More…]

When in New York . . . Cafe Reggio

My son has recently begun his tenure as a college student at New York University. After living for the last four years in countryside outside of Boerne, Texas (population c. 10,000), Nathan is now in the middle of New York City (population c. 8,000,000). So far, he loves city life. For Nathan, part of the [Read More…]