Ha! MSNBC Analyst Just Said It’s Too Bad Voters Shape Public Policy

Where do they find these ‘political experts?’ Read more

Feminist Blog: ’10 Things Every Intersectional Feminist Should Ask On a First Date’

I’m so glad I’m already married. Read more

University of Massachusetts-Amherst Honors Dorm Decorated with Care Bears to Soothe Stressed Out Students

This display belongs in a pre-school, not a college dorm. Read more

American Grassroots Thrilled Trump is Finally Recognizing Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, Regardless of International Outcry

Cue the international outrage. Read more

A Boy Shares the Pain of Being Bullied — America Responds with Love

‘I guess it gets better?’ Read more

Take a Guess Where the 5 Richest Counties in America Are?

You know that swamp that Donald Trump talks about all the time? Read more

Chelsea Handler Calls WH Press Secretary a ‘Harlot’ with ‘Summer Whore Lipstick All Over Her Face’

Chelsea, congratulations or something. Read more

After GOP Tax Bill Passes Senate, Twitter Users Wish Death And Suffering On Cancer-Stricken John McCain

The left doesn’t believe we even deserve to live. Read more

Haters Gonna Hate… Christians, of Course – Check out These Anti-Christian Tweets

Well, this is a dubious claim. Read more

Every Democrat Senator Owes Hillsdale an Apology for Lying about the College during Tax Reform Debate

The Democrats and their gullible Republican allies need to apologize. Read more

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