I want to know, I want receipts, I want everything … Uncle Sam I want to know what the f**k you’re doing with my f***ing money Read more

If you feel like you are experiencing de ja vu, you aren’t wrong.  This happens every time Democrats and Republicans have to agree on anything ever at all. Read more

If you only watch the news, you might be dismayed over the state of our country’s youth, but I know that our kids are going to be alright.  Read more

How do you fight the ‘deep state?’ There’s only one way. Read more

Gun violence restraining orders let those closest to potentially violent people ask the government to take that person’s gun rights away temporarily. Read more

If you’re an employed, hard working, law abiding citizen of the United States, forget it.  You are unwelcome in California.  Read more

I actually am surprised that a university is even allowed to be 100% female these days, since the strongest leftist narrative of 2017 and 2018 is that gender is a social construct.  Read more

“The ultimate act of federalism,” I said.  “It’s the states reining in the federal government.” Read more

It’s time to fix this blight on campus, and make sure this never happens in broader society. Read more

But the main goal of identity politics is not actual success, is it?  The main goal is virtue signaling. Read more

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