Most Americans think Democrats are out of touch. Let me count the ways


A new poll shows that 67% of Americans think the Democratic Party is out of touch. Well, it’s no wonder. Have you seen what they’ve been up to lately? [Read more…]

Prefer your partner have a certain, um, anatomy? Activist says ‘genital preference’ is transphobic

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According to trans-activist Riley J. Dennis, if you have a preference as to which kind of genitalia you would like your significant other to have, you’re transphobic. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. [Read more…]

Comments Section Reveals: NYT Readers Are Sick and Tired of Cultural Appropriation, Too

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I avoid “comments section” under articles with as much dedication as I avoid the doctor’s office during flu season.  You know, if you give go there, you’ll find all kinds of sick things.  But one comments section under an article in the New York Times actually gave me hope. [Read more…]

The media is talking about Hillary’s first 100 days and she’s not even president


The media has not been kind to President Trump during his first 100 days in office. The honeymoon period new presidents typically experience has not been applied to Trump. In fact, NBC News wrote up a fairly lengthy piece on how he is single handedly tanking the country. So, apparently, to make themselves feel better, NBC decided to talk about how Hillary Clinton has been doing over the last 100 days. And as you might expect, she can do no wrong in their eyes. [Read more…]

Vandals targeting fraternities at University of Texas-Austin. It’s actually terrorism

Waves of vandalism are being reported at the University  of Texas-Austin targeting fraternities with spray-painted messages like “racist” and “rapist.” But after the group claiming responsibility for it released a statement explaining their reasons, it is much more apparent that this isn’t your run of the mill vandalism. Something far more sinister is afoot. [Read more…]

Football Coach that won last year’s state championship might be fired because he’s white


Parents in Texas are serious about football, and one school is super blessed to have a talented coach willing to put in the hours, heart, and energy into coaching a bunch of hugh school kids.  Last year, Coach Todd Peterman of DeSoto High School even led his team to the state championship…. and won! [Read more…]

REPORT: You won’t believe how badly Cuomo’s anti-pipeline stance is crushing New York’s economy

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas Prendergast rode an E train from Chambers St. to 34 St.-Penn Station on Thu., September 25, 2014 to assure New Yorkers that all security precautions are being taken, and that the subway system is safe amid reports of unspecified threats. Photo: Marc A. Hermann / MTA New York City Transit

The US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy dug deeper into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-pipeline stance. They wanted to know exactly what the repercussions were for average New Yorkers, so that the governor can make a more educated decision the next time a gas pipeline proposal comes across his desk.  Gov. Cuomo has blocked two pipelines — last year, he blocked the Constitution pipeline and this month he blocked the Northern Access. [Read more…]

If Democrats continue resisting Trump’s wall, they will lose even more elections


It seems strange that Democratic lawmakers are threatening to shut down the government when they knew the kind of immigration reform that is coming down the pike. It’s not like President Trump has hidden his plans for the country. Of course, that won’t stop them from complaining about it. [Read more…]

Unlike Democrats, most Americans aren’t cool with their daughters sharing bathrooms with men


A new poll shows that nearly 70% of Americans think Democrats are completely out of touch with their concerns. And to that, I can only say, I’m shocked — you mean most Americans aren’t obsessed with making sure men can be in the bathroom with little girls? [Read more…]

Mississippi school teaching ‘racial reconciliation,’ but kids are indoctrinated with something far more sinister


The cancer of the campus social justice craze is spreading into high schools. One school in Oxford, Mississippi has installed an institute to teach so-called racial reconciliation, but something far more sinister is seeping into the kids’ minds. [Read more…]