Hospital reverses decision after firestorm of protest. Amelia goes on the list for a kidney transplant. [Read more...]

Free Stuff!

In which we take a look at 10 resources on the web for all your Catholic needs. [Read more...]

How Americans Sound to British People

This is pretty clever (though a bit NSFW). The actor (apparently English) capture the rhythm and music of American English while speaking gibberish: It reminds me a bit of watching movies on airplanes without the sound. You can generally follow the plot while having little idea of what specifics people are emoting about. HT: A [Read More...]

More Catholic Democrats Figuring Out…

that our God King is their enemy and holds their faith in contempt. The Lord thy God King is a jealous god and will have no other gods before him. Choose you this day whom you will serve. If the LORD is God, serve him. If Obama is God, serve him. [Read more...]

Who Knew Swedes Could Be Funny?

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One of the Works of Mercy…

is to ransom the captive.  To do that, it helps to know where and who the captive is: It doesn’t have to be this way. Think different. The Catholic Church has done it for millennia. [Read more...]

A reader writes:

I’m a long-time reader, first-time emailer. Now that the cliche greeting is out of the way…I spend a lot of time on the forum-ish website Reddit. If you’re familiar with it, you probably know it’s full of techies, atheists, left-wingers, and other sorts of people. But all the communities on Reddit, AKA “subreddits,” operate independently [Read More...]

Kelly Wilson has a blog

EIEIO. [Read more...]

What Jerry Coyne Lacks in Actual Understanding of Philosophy and Theology…

…he makes up for in sheer bellicose and ignorant vitriol. Here he is getting angry, along with a horde of yes-men, toadies and sycophants, about he knows not what (and being schooled in the comboxes by Mike Flynn, aka “Ye Old Statistican” till he bans Flynn for being smarter and better informed than him). Brian [Read More...]

If you are outraged by the Obama Assault on Religious Liberty

Frank Weathers has a petition you can sign right here. [Read more...]

Love and Frozen Bananas

Kevin O’Brien on show biz is always worth reading. [Read more...]

The GOP Freak Show

rendered in a medium appropriate for its sobriety: I’m particularly amused by the sheer chutzpah of Newt Freaking Gingrich wailing about dishonesty and calling other people liars. The ease and vulgarity with which he does it, and the unblinking way in which it does not even seem to occur to him that the measure he [Read More...]