More Catholic Prolife Triumphs from the Trump Administration

So far, what the Trump Administration has yielded is a SCOTUS judge who declares–exactly like Hillary Clinton–that Roe is settled law, that the fetus is not a person entitled to protection by law, and that he would have walked out of the room if asked to say otherwise by Trump (no fear of that ever [Read More…]

A Golden Age for Satire

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On the Air with Aimee Christine Murphy at 5 PM Eastern…

… Connecting the Dots. ¬†We’ll be discussing her work as an advocate of a consistent life ethic at Rehumanize International. Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4. [Read more…]

John Zmirak: Emotional Blackmailer

So today, the Stream ran the latest in a long line of absurd emotional blackmail threats from John Zmirak. This one attempts to put us all in a full nelson and force us to believe that Good Catholics have to support the fascist xenophobe Marine Le Pen or we support nothing less than “Vichy Sharia”. [Read More…]

When Clowns Rule, Humor is the Best Response

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America magazine…

…on the abortion absolutist stupidity of the Democrats. Meanwhile, Catholic senator Dick Durbin commands prolife Dems to ignore their conscience and knuckle under with an edict that, being translated, means “You must obey the Party rather than God!” Stupidity of such black hole density that no intelligent thought can escape its crushing gravitational pull. [Read more…]

Yesterday, Sherry Antonetti and I…

…talked about Gettysburg, Beer Can Houses, the plot to kill Lincoln, the San Juan Islands, the Bicycle Tree, and Divine Mercy Sunday, among many other things: [Read more…]

Today is Yom HaShoah

Meanwhile, in Chechnya, the president “vows to eliminate gay population by the end of May” [Read more…]

On the air at 5 PM Eastern with Sherry Antonetti…

…on Connecting the Dots. Today we are talking Divine Mercy. Give us a call at 1-573-4BREAD4! [Read more…]

Two by Chris Thile

Bridal Veil Falls: and Raining at Sunset: Had the pleasure of seeing him live a couple of years ago here in Seattle. Jeepers, he’s good! [Read more…]