An actual real thing a death penalty supporter said to me

“I’m sorry but according to your book didn’t Christ help moses kill tons of romans?? Oh but that’s different.” Devastating. [Read more...]

Many of You May Remember the Reformation

Funny thing. In a classic display of Truth Cancer, wherein heresy mutates into its opposite over time, many Protestants (who originally broke with the Church over her alleged “legalism” are now champions of salvation through ceremonial works of the law: keeping kosher, observing Jewish feasts, and doing all the other stuff Acts 15 and Sts. [Read More...]

An Open Letter from Mary Wagner

…one of the staunchest prolife activists in the People’s Republic of Canuckistan. For background on Mary, here is some stuff: An excellent & comprehensive piece in CWR: Poland has issued a stamp with her image! More, from Poland.  Also, information on her last sentence. [Read more...]

Amazing Led Zeppelin medley on xylophones

…all done by precocious kids: [Read more...]

The Great Thing about the Party of Personal Responsibility…

…is that when its prophecies are shown to be dead wrong, it never has to take any. [Read more...]

Japanese John Denver Fans, Because Why Not?

[Read more...]

Question about Magisterial Failures

A reader writes: I was baptized but not raised in the Church and in my adult life am slowly and cautiously working my way back there. I love your blog and your books, and I was hoping you could bring your articulate, coherent, and intellectually honest style to bear on a problem I’ve run into. [Read More...]

Reckless Scientists in Communist China Treat Human Beings Like Commodities

Rush in and do gene modifications because their ideology regards humans as nothing more than unusually clever piece of meat to be subjected to the caprice of human will, pride and greed: The resulting embryos were a total mess. After applying CRISPR to 86 embryos, 54 of the surviving 71 embryos were genetically tested. Only [Read More...]

Heartbreaking and Beautiful

Eternal memory! [Read more...]

Elizabeth Stoker-Bruenig has a Smart Look at Pope Francis

She is a rare bird: a lefty who takes seriously not only Francis as a Catholic with a heart for the poor and the week, but an orthodox Catholic Christian who gets that the faith really is about the revelation of Jesus Christ crucified and risen, including all that mystical spiritual warfare with the devil [Read More...]