Christian But Not a Virgin: Am I Damaged Goods?

While sex is a sin that comes with many lurking consequences (like every other sin), it doesn’t define who you are, who you’ll be, nor where you’re headed in life. Read more

3 Dangers in Following Your Heart

People love to give the advice to follow your heart when pursuing a new relationship, but this is unbiblical. The word of God does not instruct us to follow our heart, but instead to guard it (Proverbs 4:23). Here are 3 dangers in following your heart. Read more

Keys To Entering Your Next Relationship

Most people prepare only for marriage and forget the important phase of dating/courting that comes before it. Here are three keys vital to entering into your next relationship. Read more

3 Attributes a Man Needs to Date You

We as women of God must never settle to have a piece of a man because God desires for us to have a whole man. Not just physically but also spiritually. Here are three attributes you should look for in a man. Read more

5 Tips to Be a ‘Catcher’ Not a ‘Chaser’

If you have found yourself in a cycle of being drawn to the ‘chase’ but not being able to settle, here are some tips to being a person that values the catch more than the process of getting there. Read more

7 Lies to Confront Before Entering a Relationship

Through life’s experiences, examples around us, negative self-talk, and fear, we can easily feed into lies about relationships that consequently negatively impact the quality of our relationships. Facing them, and choosing to be set free from them before getting into a relationship will set you up for success. Here are seven common lies: Read more

3 Dangers of Mistaking a Project For a Potential Mate

There is a significant difference between a Project and a Potential Mate and it is imperative to distinguish the difference between the two. Here are 3 dangers of mistaking a project for a potential mate. Read more

3 Lies That Satan Tells Singles

Counter these lies by soaking yourself in God’s word. Mediate on His promises. Be proactive in what you allow your ears to hear, eyes to see and lips to utter. Read more

8 Consequences of Dating the Wrong Guy

There are tons of consequences that stem from dating the wrong guy. Some of us only know bad relationships so it becomes a perpetual cycle. But it’s time to break that cycle. Your heart, your destiny and purpose and your future deserves better than relationships with the wrong guys. Here are 8 consequences of dating the wrong guy. Read more

5 Things to Do While Engaged

Love is beautiful, especially when you fall in love with the right mate that God has created for you. Here are 5 things to do while engaged. Read more

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