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I’m not the biggest fan of oracle decks and on top of that I never thought I would enjoy an oracle deck centered around angels. Then the Angelarium Oracle of Emanations came along and changed that for me. I love this deck! This isn’t your average Doreen Virtue oracle deck of angels. This beautiful deck is centered around the Qabala’s Tree of Life, having an angel of the 11 sephirah and 22 paths. While it’s clear in the booklet and on the card which angel is for which sephirot – that’s about it. Which cards that are associated with which paths are never made clear in the booklet or on the cards themselves.

Angelarium Oracle of Emanations  © Peter Mohrbacher / Lo Scarabeo
Angelarium Oracle of Emanations © Peter Mohrbacher / Lo Scarabeo

The text for each card within the booklet is beautiful and poetic and in that sense is beautifully written. However the actual instructions, suggestions and ideas for using the deck seems rushed, vague, unclear and poorly written. The deck assumes you completely understand the Tree of Life and uses that assumption to explain in a few sentences how to work with the deck. The closest the booklet comes to explaining the Tree of Life is having a few vaguely poetic references to a sephirot’s attributes in some of the card’s descriptions. This wouldn’t be the problem if the oracle deck wasn’t such a conceptual deck.

Angelarium Oracle of Emanations © Peter Mohrbacher / Lo Scarabeo
Angelarium Oracle of Emanations © Peter Mohrbacher / Lo Scarabeo

The artwork of this deck by Peter Mohrbacher is absolutely stunning, with plenty of color and imagery to evoke psychic stimulation, creativity and contemplation. The angels consist of watchers, seraphim, a few archangels and “emanation” angels of the sephirah themselves. What I love the most is the depiction of the angels in a way that I resonate with more than a winged androgynous human with dove wings but rather these almost Lovecraft feeling cosmic elder-god.

© Peter Mohrbacher / Lo Scarabeo
© Peter Mohrbacher / Lo Scarabeo

The cardstock is fairly decent and has a glossy shine to it. It comes in a sturdy box that you would expect most oracle decks to come in. The booklet that comes with the book is pretty small and even smaller when you realize that it’s the same text over and over in various languages. This deck is great for anyone who does pathworking meditations with the Tree of Life, is looking to do divination of a deeply spiritual and reflective nature or simply wants to connect with angelic forces in a different way.

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