Big Announcement: My Blog is Moving! (Like, right now.)

 Friends, I’m so excited to let you know that I’m doing something new and bright and challenging and a little scary. And it looks like this: That’s my new website/blog. It’s not called Mama:Monk anymore. It’s not at Patheos anymore. I’m going out on my own. There are a lot of reasons for this. I [Read More…]

On Writing: Ego, Insecurity, and the Life of the Beloved

Several months ago, I emailed my former spiritual director, Debby, and asked her to help me get some perspective. I haven’t met with Debby since I moved to Austin and she moved away from San Francisco. I emailed her because several times during the process of  finishing my edits I would feel a panic attack [Read More…]

An Invitation to Serve Anyway

I am living one of the busiest seasons of my life right now. As we speak. I tinkered with my book for four years before I got a book deal. And during the fifteen months since then, I slammed myself into it. My days have been a whirlwind of trying to find the time and [Read More…]

Faith, Imperfect

  I teach the third graders the way I’ve been learning to teach. “There was once a man who did such wonderful things and said such amazing things, that people just had to follow him,” I say. I sit on my knees and lean over a golden cardboard box. We’ve been talking about the parable [Read More…]

#FoundGrace in yellow flowers, JoJo, and some cozy Target pants

This has been an irregular blogging week in my life due to the absence of my Main Squeeze. I’m astounded (and reminded again to be thankful) by how much my writing career is only possible at this stage of life (with young children) because of my husband’s support. I write this blog in the nights [Read More…]

An Invitation to be Lonely

  My husband’s out of town this week and we’ve now made it through one time change, one school day (we were thirty minutes late, but who’s judging?), six meals, one stopped-up toilet, one new battery on the fire alarm, and two whole days without him. There’s this weird feeling I have when I’m home [Read More…]