Getting the beginning and end of the story right

A couple of months back, I was invited to come to the world headquarters of the Wesleyan denomination in Indianapolis to talk with a group of professors from Indiana Wesleyan University’s seminary about how we can train tomorrow’s pastors better in the area of faith, work, and economics. This series of posts is from the [Read More...]

Assembling culture

By Christ John Otto, adapted from a mailing to the Belonging House ministry in greater Boston. Has God ever told you that your vision is too small?  I have been working on a book about the most overlooked person in the Bible–Bezalel.  The things that I have learned about this prophet who made the Ark [Read More...]

From the archives: The problem with doing what you love


No matter what you do and what you are paid, says Paul, “It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” In this way, Christians are to be concerned more with doing what God would have us do than with what anyone, including ourselves, might otherwise love. [Read more...]

New blog on the Patheos Faith and Work Channel


Announcing our newest blog, Work Cited. It’s a book review blog whose aim is to guide you through the mountain of resources on faith, work, discipleship and economics: We’ll feature weekly reviews of books on faith, work, vocation, economics, and discipleship–plus other resources (movies, curriculum, even podcasts). Whether you’re reading on a phone or a [Read More...]

Vocation and Jobs

By Dr. Frederick W. Schmidt, Jr. I’ve been through two employment crises. Three if you include the uncertain business of doing doctoral work against the backdrop of a changing academy and a shrinking church. This is a piece of what I have learned: Focus on vocation — on God’s calling on your life. That calling [Read More...]

Work goes on

McRoberts, Sheryl-Abitibi onRainyRiverII

This is the last in a series of ten posts featuring artwork from the Christians in the Visual Arts exhibit, “Work: Curse or Calling?” Many thanks to Margot Rogers and CIVA for allowing us to feature these beautiful, intriguing, and challenging pieces here at MISSION:WORK.  Please check out CIVA’s website for more information on scheduling [Read More...]