There’s work to do; or, An open letter to my children

Some may shake their heads in disapproval or approval of the election results, but the bottom line is that there’s work to do, says the dean of Duke Chapel in this sermon, which originally appeared at Faith and Leadership.   By Luke Powery Faith & Leadership offers sermons that shed light on issues of Christian [Read More…]

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Why the #election is a faith and work crisis

I’ve told the story before how a chance phone call from Chris Armstrong in late 2013 involved me, a nice moderate United-Methodist-turned-Episcopalian mainliner who was doctrinally orthodox but not culturally evangelical, in the faith and work movement. Even as a not-particularly-liberal mainline type, one of the barriers to involvement in this space that I had [Read More…]

Post #Election: A Time to Listen

By David Spickard After hearing the news this Wednesday morning, I knew we had to change course.  The day could not be business as usual.  Wednesdays are normally staff meeting days at Jobs for Life (JfL).  Our meeting schedule included our normal routine – prayer, Scripture study, and business – but we had to add [Read More…]

That Eye-On-the-Object Look: Finding Focus in a Distracted World

The world is a distracting place. Email, Facebook, open office spaces, iPhones, and insanity-inducing apps with red pop-up bubbles nagging for my attention. What would the opposite of a distracted work day look like? Check out this statement by W.H. Auden: “You need not see what someone is doing to know if it is his [Read More…]

O God of Earth and Altar #VeteransDay #2016Election

I’ve been working on a post* about my complicated post-election feelings and how they relate to vocation and war and capitalism, but it’s not taken shape yet. In the meantime, here’s a complicated poem by G. K. Chesterton about vocation and war and capitalism.  Also, here’s a link to another GKC poem and a prayer [Read More…]

Business Anger and Success

By Timothy Askew; reprinted from Inc. with the kind permission of Timothy Askew. The Bible’s Book of Proverbs 16:32 says this:  “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.” I’ve been thinking again about business and anger this week.  (Note my Inc. column of [Read More…]