You may be the only Bible they read


By Bill Peel The workplace is filled with spiritually hungry people. Most of them, however, won’t connect their own emptiness with their need for God unless they can see the difference Christ makes in a Christian’s life. Jesus could have designed a no-fail distribution strategy for the gospel, but instead He charged His followers to be His ambassadors – to show and tell others how to find fulfillment and eternal life [Read More...]

Twitter news: follower #800

Every hundred Twitter followers, we feature them in this space. So, I should let you know that our 800th follower was Strange Culture, a blog about all things film: Check them out. And join us on Twitter, where we share stuff from all over the Patheos Faith and Work Channel and other links and [Read More...]

Jazz, entrepreneurship, and tradition


As an enthusiastic jazz fan and an appreciator of business entrepreneurship, I enjoy watching folks make it up as they go along. Nothing affirms my sense of human beings as “co-creators” with God (a favored term of that great co-creator, J R R Tolkien) more than listening to the swooping, soaring melodic lines of a [Read More...]

Is the gap between pulpit and pew narrowing? Read the latest research


New research conducted by the Barna Group for the Center for Faith & Work at​ LeTourneau University shows a substantial uptick in the number of pastors who say they preach on the topic of work. However, most church-goers still doubt the significance of their work to God. “While American church-goers hear more sermons on work these days, there’s still a [Read More...]

Be careful what you wish for

This post came to us from The Well. Thanks, folks!  Jen’s book Teach Us to Want was also a selection in the Patheos Book Club recently, and you can read more about that here. By Jen Pollock Michel When Ellen was only twenty, her parents died within six months of each other. Soon after, her [Read More...]

Living out the gospel by teaching, not preaching

Memphis Teacher Residency intern Starr Garrett teaching at Kingsbury Elementary, a Memphis public school. MTR participants live and work together in a yearlong internship, then commit to teach in Memphis' underserved schools. Photo by Karen Pulfer Focht

This post comes to us from Duke Divinity School’s blog Faith & Leadership, an offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.  Read some more interviews with folks pursuing community development along these lines in our recent Community Development Forum and in another post from Faith & Leadership. They prepare for their mission by meeting regularly [Read More...]