Friday Links | November 21, 2014

Finalists of the World Muslimah Competition pose for a selfie in front of the Borobudur temple on Java, Indonesia. Image by Adek Berry/AFP

Women in Iraq's Anbar province have come together to form "Women of Justice," a group aimed to fight ISIL. Meanwhile an article on Global Voices Online suggests that many remain "obsessed" with the Kurdish female fighters. Yet another article tries to explain why women would join ISIL, and the Canadian government called for proposals for a study on the same topic. A Dutch mother travelled to Syria to help her daughter escape from ISIL, after she left the Netherlands to join the group earlier t … [Read more...]

Friday Links | November 14, 2014

Indonesian migrant workers hold a prayer vigil in Hong Kong for the two women brutally murdered, whose bodies were found earlier this month. Image by Philippe Lopez/AFP

The UN peacekeeping mission investigating the reports of rape in northern Darfur, says it hasn't found any evidence of the mass rape, which was reported last week, shocking victims.A Moroccan teen, who was forced to marry her rapist last year, has been attacked by him with razor blades for trying to seek a divorce.Five French Muslim women share their stories of harassment.A female suicide bomber has killed herself and injured three others, when she blew herself up in a government … [Read more...]

Friday Links | November 7, 2014

A Shi'ite girl attends a celebration of Ashura, last Tuesday in Bahrain. Image by Sayedoo BH/Demotix/Corbis

Last week over 200 women and girls, many of them minors, were reportedly raped in North Darfur by Sudanese military men. Later this week, two young women have been gang-raped in Central Darfur, Sudan. Meanwhile, Sudan has denied access to the UN in Darfur to investigate the report of the mass rape.According to a report, ISIL is using women to lure European Muslims (male and female) to join ISIL in their "Islamist utopia." As well, women within ISIL share cooking tips on how to prepare nu … [Read more...]

Friday Links | October 31, 2014

A Kurdish refugee tries to reach her relatives in the town of Kobani by cell phone, while looking on from the Turkish border. Image by Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

Despite international condemnation and protest, last weekend Reyhaneh Jabbari was hanged in Iran for killing her rapist. Later this week an opposition groups shared her powerful last message.French (visible) Muslim women are facing increasingly violent harassment, often connected to the country's attitude towards religious garb, and Muslim head coverings in particular.Palestinian women have taken it upon themselves to prevent Jewish worship in the Al Aqsa compound simply by being … [Read more...]

Friday Links | October 24, 2014

A woman sorts olives during the annual harvest in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip.

Iran has arrested four men in connection to the acid attacks on women in the Iranian city of Esfahan. Large numbers of Iranians have demonstrated against the attacks, allegedly aimed at women that were not properly veiled, in the cities of Esfahan and Tehran.Last week, Nigeria's government announced a truce with Boko Haram, which was broken by the militant group soon after. While negotiations were on the way to return the hundreds of school girls to their families, on Thursday it was said by … [Read more...]

Friday Links | October 17, 2014

A Palestinian woman protests being blocked from entering the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. During the weeklong Jewish celebration of Sukkot, Jews have been given access to the compound. Image by Ahmad Gharabli/AFP

Last week the intense battle against ISIS in the Syrian town of Kobane made headlines everywhere. Mayssa Abdo, a female Kurdish fighter, is said to lead the battle of the Kurdish troops against the Islamic State. Another Kurdish fighter, Rehana, is said to have killed over a hundred ISIS fighters single handedly in Kobane. Kurdish Shirine had never imagined she would join the Kurdish troops, but the war changed everything for her and now she vows to either be victorious or become a … [Read more...]

Friday Links | October 10, 2014

Indian girl poses, as she attends the Eid prayers in Delhi, India. Image by Adnan Abidi/Reuters

Last weekend marked one of the major holidays on the Islamic calendar, Eid ul-Adha. The Egyptian women's council offered a hotline for females to report sexual assault during the four days of the holiday, during which harassment usually is more prevalent. One teenager was killed defending women from  sexual harassment in Egypt last Sunday. Over 200 incidents were reported.One woman tells CNN why she joined ISIS in Syria and why she defected. Meanwhile, Malaysian authorities have confirmed t … [Read more...]