Friday Links | December 26, 2014

More Iraqi women, both from Sunni and Shi'ite communities, are donning a more conservative religious dress.Al Jazeera features a documentary on the rise of religious schools, or madrasas, for girls and women in Afghanistan.Human Rights Watch calls for the investigation of the death of Nilufar Rahimjonova, who died earlier this year in an Uzbek prison, where she was serving a 10 year sentence. She was said to be in good health.A reporter reunites with Marwadah Priyanka, a tsunami … [Read more...]

Friday Links | December 19, 2014

In Iraq, ISIL is said to have killed over 150 women and girls for refusing to get married to ISIL fighters. Seven people have been arrested in Spain and Morocco in several raids targeting an alleged network recruiting women to join ISIL, including a woman from Chile. According to a UN expert one of the Austrian teenage girls who left to join ISIL has been killed and the other has disappeared. Last Wednesday, UK police stopped a plane on the runway to prevent a 15-year-old girl to leave the … [Read more...]

Friday Links | December 12, 2014

Videos continue to emerge online of Central Asian migrant workers humiliated by their countrymen for allegedly being prostitutes and a shame for their nation.Militants belonging to Al Shabaab in Somalia have killed two Somali policewomen; in return a policeman has killed five women belonging to the group who were held by Somali police.The capital of China's Xinjiang province, Urumqi has banned the Islamic face veil, in what is said to be an attempt to curb terrorism.The High … [Read more...]

Friday Links | December 5, 2014

Last Wednesday was the funeral of Tugce Albayrak, a German woman of Turkish descent who died of her injuries after she intervened in the harassment of two girls, and was in turn attacked herself. May God grant her everlasting peace.Indian presenter Gauhar Khan was slapped during a live televised show for wearing revealing clothing, not deemed appropriate for a Muslim woman.Senegal's abortion law is one of the most strict in Africa, resulting in women and girls taking drastic measures to … [Read more...]

Friday Links | November 21, 2014

Women in Iraq's Anbar province have come together to form "Women of Justice," a group aimed to fight ISIL. Meanwhile an article on Global Voices Online suggests that many remain "obsessed" with the Kurdish female fighters. Yet another article tries to explain why women would join ISIL, and the Canadian government called for proposals for a study on the same topic. A Dutch mother travelled to Syria to help her daughter escape from ISIL, after she left the Netherlands to join the group earlier t … [Read more...]

Friday Links | November 14, 2014

The UN peacekeeping mission investigating the reports of rape in northern Darfur, says it hasn't found any evidence of the mass rape, which was reported last week, shocking victims.A Moroccan teen, who was forced to marry her rapist last year, has been attacked by him with razor blades for trying to seek a divorce.Five French Muslim women share their stories of harassment.A female suicide bomber has killed herself and injured three others, when she blew herself up in a government … [Read more...]

Friday Links | November 7, 2014

Last week over 200 women and girls, many of them minors, were reportedly raped in North Darfur by Sudanese military men. Later this week, two young women have been gang-raped in Central Darfur, Sudan. Meanwhile, Sudan has denied access to the UN in Darfur to investigate the report of the mass rape.According to a report, ISIL is using women to lure European Muslims (male and female) to join ISIL in their "Islamist utopia." As well, women within ISIL share cooking tips on how to prepare nu … [Read more...]