He Knew

This is Day 16 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 16, 2017. Dear God, I see what you did there. You knew what you were doing. Of course, you did. On the last day of spring break, when I was feeling this side of exhausted and a bit down for really no good reason, you sent to my home an unexpected visit with a friend and family I had never met before. And you said to me – think… Read more

The Elusive Hunt for Sleep

This is Day 15 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 15, 2017. Dear Friends, What do you say? Can I skip out on Day 15 of this month – hump day and all? I’m kind of “autism awarenessed/actioned” out today. Last night we had some family come to town to meet us and my sister-in-law’s family. My SiL hosted, and with so many people coming and it turning into a late evening, the husband and I decided that one… Read more

Dear Future Self – What Is Our Family’s Autism Future?

This is Day 14 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 14, 2017. Dear Future Self, I would like to know you so much. I would not like to know you. Like many a parent of an autistic child, a large part of my brain and mental self is consumed by thoughts of the future, specifically D’s future, what it will look like, our places in that future and what all it will entail. It shapes nearly everything I do… Read more

Dads, Sons and the Sweet Secrets that Bind Them

This is Day 13 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 13, 2017. This guest post is written by D’s Dad, otherwise known as “Baba.” Dear Dads, One of the biggest dilemmas we face as parents of autistic children is trying to find things, material things, toys and activities that our kids really enjoy. I was mentioning to my wife the other day that D is almost 17 and has never verbally asked me for a specific toy or game…. Read more

What We Do for Each Other

This is Day 12 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 12, 2017. Dear D, Whenever time comes for us to take a family vacation or trip somewhere, I always somewhat dread it (even if it’s a trip to the beach, which is our gold standard, tried-and-true go-to family vacation/retreat spot), though I feel guilty about that, like I should be more thankful and positive. Do you? What do you think when you see me doing the prep cooking, packing… Read more

Dear World, Here’s What I Want You to Know from Someone Who’s Actually Autistic

This is Day 11 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 11, 2017. Today’s guest post comes from the autistic son of a friend of mine, who is nonverbal but definitely not non-communicative. Charlie is an 11-year-old autistic boy who loves reading, swimming, going to the beach, skiing and jumping on the trampoline. He is homeschooled and loves learning. He communicates using a letter board and keyboard. Read more about and from Charlie here. Dear World, I have autism, which… Read more

In Autism Land, Where Does Our Family Happiness Lie?

This is Day 10 of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 10, 2017. Dear Family: What does family togetherness mean to you? What does “having fun” as a family mean? Is it all of us together embarking on some new adventure, or some tried-and-true old favorite thing to do? Is it some of us doing things that are enjoyable while others stay home where they have a better shot of feeling more relaxed, less anxious and thereby happier? I’ve struggled… Read more

Over Dozens of Sundays, You Taught me Love

This is Day Nine of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 9, 2017. This letter is written by Isaiah Fleming-Klink, who was D’s partner and peer buddy in the John Maloney Project (Open Gym) for four years. JMP is a local partnership between high school students and autistic students of all ages, where the kids get together every fall and spring on Sundays across a six-week schedule and engage in physical activity and friendship building. The JMP has been a constant… Read more

Dear D – Help Me to Help You

This is Day Eight of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 8, 2017. Dear D, I can see you’re pulling your arms into your shirt, sometimes stuffing a pillow up the front. This evening we had biryani for dinner – your favorite – and you were in tears when we called you to dinner. We went for a walk before dinner and the entire time I could hear your shallow breathing, those signs of distress. There has to be a… Read more

Dear Rock Star Autism Siblings – Five Pieces of Advice

This is Day Seven of the Ali Family #AutismTruths – April 7, 2017. This letter is written by 13-year-old “A,” D’s sister. Dear Rock Star Siblings, Hi! You might know me by the name of A – that’s what my mother likes to call me in her articles. I’m 13 years old, and I’m in eighth grade. I have two brothers, one who is nine and one who is nearly 17. My little brother is a hilarious goofball who never… Read more

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