Quick Takes #23 – 7 reasons I’m not doing quick takes today

My Hubby is taking off work this afternoon!
So I will be spending time with him and our kids.
After 2 days of rain, the weather is beautiful!
So I will be attempting to enjoy to the fullest if the mosquitos will let me.
My kids seem to need extra attention today.
So we are going to be focusing on them. If you have any ideas on what we should do with them, feel free to share.
I still sorting through the comments and emails of support I got from yesterday’s post.
Thank you! You have no idea how encouraging it is to hear about people who have had to struggle with the same process.
I have a MAJOR taste for Coco Pops, and we have no milk or Coco Pops in the house.
So a trip to the grocery store may be in order.
The pile of laundry in my basement is starting to look like this again.
At least this time it is all clean and just waiting to be folded.
I wouldn’t be able to think of anything fun or clever anyways.
So I will be back later. Probably on Sunday to post my 3rd birth story.
To read from people who are doing Quick Takes, hope over to Conversion Diary!
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