Backseat Conversation

Picture two toddler’s strapped into their car seats in the back of our van, this is the conversation I overheard on the drive to the grocery store.

2 year old: I have owie.

3 year old: *Gasp*! You have a owie? Where?

2 year old: Right here. (Pointing sadly to the mosquito bite next to her eye)

3 year old: Did you bang your head on the door and get that owie?

2 year old: (Nodding) Yeah.

3 year old: I’m so sorry you got a owie in your eye. Do you feel better?

2 year old: Yeah, I better.


3 year old: I have a owie too.

2 year old: *Gasp*! Owie too?

3 year old: Yeah, right here. (Pointing to a practically invisible scratch on her leg) I was running and running and then I fell down and got that owie.

2 year old: Fell down? Owie?

3 year old: Yeah. It hurted real real bad.

2 year old: Hurt? Cry?

3 year old: Yeah. I cried and cried.

2 year old: I tiss it?

3 year old: Yeah, you can kiss it.

2 year old: (Blows kisses in the general direction of the scratch)

3 year old: Thank you! It’s all better!

2 year old: Yay!


2 year old: I have owie right here. (Holding up her finger)

3 year old: *Gasp*! You have a other owie?!

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  • Michelle

    Adorable! I love it!!

  • This Heavenly Life

    Hehe :) That is adorable! Those circular conversations with our tiny-talkers can be…interesting :)

  • Kathleen@so much to say, so little time

    I love it when I get to read blog posts that make me laugh out loud. It makes my whole day richer. I may have to share this.

  • Young Mom

    I was giggling in the car myself watching it in the rear-view mirror.

  • Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet

    Awww! Too cute! :D Mommy kisses always make it better!

  • Maggie

    Hahaha… so cute!

  • Maurisa

    So cute! Makes your heart just sing, doesn't it? God really knew what he was doing when he chose to give us sweet, innocent, little children.

  • CM

    So funny! :)

  • Young Mom

    I love how sympathetic they were for each others pain. :)

  • Justine

    This is hilarious – I love that kids say the funniest things but with each other is even better. The comedic effect is priceless.

    My daughter just learned to say owie too and she's been really "working it". The pout, the sad face, the wide innocent look, the fishing for a kiss. Too cute!

  • Jenny

    LOL So cute! :D