Bedtime Conversation

The kids were having a bit of a hard time settling down tonight, and after some protesting on their part I said goodnight and left the room. After I shut the door, this is what I overheard from the hallway.

2 year old: No want to go to bed!

3 year old: Everyone has to go to bed. Mommy and Daddy have to go to bed too.


3 year old continues: Don’t worry, in the morning we go to the store and get some food.

2 year old: Go to store!

3 year old: Yep, and we will pay some money and get rice cakes and cucumbers and cookies.

2 year old: A bug will bite me. (This random statement probably illustrates that I am not doing as well as I hoped hiding my fear of bugs.)

3 year old: Yeah, the ants will come and take away all our food, that we buy at the store. (?)

2 year old: OH NO! And spiders!

3 year old: Yes spiders and ants will come and take away all our salad.

2 year old: No! It’s my salad!

3 year old: Are you angen (angry)? I’m angen! The ants taked away our carrots and cucumbers and peaches! That makes me mad! (I guess all this talk about emotions is getting through)

2 year old: No take it away ants!

3 year old: We have to get it back. Ants! You taked our salad and peaches and carrots and cucumbers, this is ridiculous! Bring it back right now!

2 year old: Right now!

3 year old: The spiders are in your bed! Kill them! Kill them!

2 year old: Aaahhhh! (Thrashes in her bed)

3 year old: The ants brought back our food! Now I am happy! Yay!!

2 year old: Yay!

3 year old: Clap your hands, cause we are happy now, clap your hands!


3 year old: Uh oh. The ants are coming back!


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  • cristina

    OMG this is so darn cute.

  • Melanie B

    Wow! That is so funny. And adorable.

  • Rebecca in CA

    Oh, I love, love them! Kids this age are just so sweet I can hardly stand it.

    I have the same problem about bugs. When my oldest was around 2 she was making a little "cute" noise to something on her arm–I figured maybe she had a little lizard or something–but when I came up close, I realized that it was a Jerusalem beetle, you know those things that look like shiny bees pumped up on steroids; they're huge and move in a slow, evil way–anyway it was all I could do not to scream bloody murder. I suggested she find a nice home for the beetle and had her put it down somewhere. Usually when they find a bug I end up saying "ew! ugh! er…what an interesting bug! hey, why don't you put that in your bug finder to look at it? Outside? And then let it out far, far away on the other side of the yard?"

  • Maggie


  • Young Mom

    Rebecca- Ewwwww! Beetles are the worst! Something about their, I don't know, crunchyness? Is so so gross.

    And yes, they are so cute it hurts! I love eavsdropping. :)

  • CM

    I love "hearing" their conversations! They are adorable!

  • Justine

    I love love love this. I cannot get enough of conversations between little kids. Please keep them coming. I've never met your kids but I adore them already :)

  • Rebecca in CA

    Jerusalem beetles are not your typical beetle. Here is a photo of one:

    I apologize for the horror it will cause but these things actually exist.