Bedtime Conversation

The kids were having a bit of a hard time settling down tonight, and after some protesting on their part I said goodnight and left the room. After I shut the door, this is what I overheard from the hallway.

2 year old: No want to go to bed!

3 year old: Everyone has to go to bed. Mommy and Daddy have to go to bed too.


3 year old continues: Don’t worry, in the morning we go to the store and get some food.

2 year old: Go to store!

3 year old: Yep, and we will pay some money and get rice cakes and cucumbers and cookies.

2 year old: A bug will bite me. (This random statement probably illustrates that I am not doing as well as I hoped hiding my fear of bugs.)

3 year old: Yeah, the ants will come and take away all our food, that we buy at the store. (?)

2 year old: OH NO! And spiders!

3 year old: Yes spiders and ants will come and take away all our salad.

2 year old: No! It’s my salad!

3 year old: Are you angen (angry)? I’m angen! The ants taked away our carrots and cucumbers and peaches! That makes me mad! (I guess all this talk about emotions is getting through)

2 year old: No take it away ants!

3 year old: We have to get it back. Ants! You taked our salad and peaches and carrots and cucumbers, this is ridiculous! Bring it back right now!

2 year old: Right now!

3 year old: The spiders are in your bed! Kill them! Kill them!

2 year old: Aaahhhh! (Thrashes in her bed)

3 year old: The ants brought back our food! Now I am happy! Yay!!

2 year old: Yay!

3 year old: Clap your hands, cause we are happy now, clap your hands!


3 year old: Uh oh. The ants are coming back!