Say Hello to the New Digs

I have been trying to put together a post for 2 days, and my sickly kiddos have been doing everything in their power to stop me. So this is not a real post, just a “I’m still alive but somewhat overwhelmed and still trying to figure out how this new website works” post.

I’ve been trying to update everything and move everything from the old blog. I don’t think the re-direct is working yet, but it should be soon. My “About Me” is written, but not up yet, and I am still looking for a picture to put in my profile. It should all come together for me though, I find that once I’ve had a couple weeks to work at something it usually starts to come more easily. So even if things are a bit rocky for the next little bit, I am planning on posting as usual in the near future.

In the meantime, you may want to check out Libby Anne’s well thought out series over at her blog Love, Joy, Feminism called “So you say you don’t hate gay people…” Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 and Part 4  She digs into the issue and asks why there appears to be such a disconnect between people who religiously object to LGBTQ persons, and the LGBTQ persons themselves.

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  • machintelligence

    Welcome. The atheist/free thought blog sites are growing like weeds. That’s a good thing, but my free time is in dangerous jeopardy.

  • vorjack

    Welcome aboard! Our ranks have been a little thin lately, so it’s nice to have you on the channel.

  • Paula G V aka Yukimi

    Welcome! Your banner matches well with sites colour scheme. I’m looking forward to your new post when you get settled ^^

  • Bundesbedenkentraeger

    Hi, I write with a technical issue. I’ve been following your old blog by rss feed, and now I donb’t see how I could do this here. The only option as far as I see it would be to follow the whole atheist channel, but I am interested in your blog specifically…

    • Melissa

      I am not familiar with the way word press works, but I was able to add individual patheos blogs by adding their URL into my list of blogs I wanted to follow on blogger. Also, you can still follow in an RSS feed by clicking on the RSS button up in the right hand corner where it says “follow permission to live”. Let me know if you have any other problems and I will ask a site administrator for help!

  • 1000 Needles

    I found your blog during your “Unwrapping the Onion” series, and I’ve been a dedicated reader ever since. Great to have you here!