Back to Blogging (I hope)

When we first got married, we killed two television sets in a row without even trying. Apparently our luck with electronics has continued because this year I have used three different computers.


First my Dell laptop had some issue with the power cord and it fried three cords in a row, and then it got a virus, so I bought a new security option. But the computer just got slower and slower and when the cord malfunctioned again, I gave up on using it anymore and resurrected a dinosaur of a laptop from 2002 and used it to write my Unwrapping the Onion series. It worked, but it was slow. It involved a process of typing and then waiting for a few seconds while whatever I had typed slowly appeared on the screen one letter at a time. And it seemed to get worse with time.

Eventually my lovely sister took pity on me and sent me a laptop in great condition she no longer needed. I was stunned to get such an amazing present in the mail! It arrived right around my birthday with a beautiful card. My hands shook with excitement as I turned it on for the first time and tried it out. It was amazing. I was in the process of moving my blog to Patheos and this was a relief to know that I wasn’t going to have to use a crippled computer.

Sadly, it only lasted a short while before that computer also met its doom. At first I noticed that a couple letters would show up while I was typing, even though I hadn’t touched them. Then it started typing by itself, and eventually it got so bad that it never stopped typing, to the point that I couldn’t even log in anymore, because of the constant stream of letters appearing in the window. I took it in for repairs and was told that it would cost more to fix it than the unit was worth. Apparently something had been spilled on it, which I have no recollection of, but with a toddler running around is 100% possible.

All of the computer troubles left me with really sporadic access to the Internet, and the busyness of life has affected my blogging too. I used to write in the evenings, but now I am working six o’clock-midnight four nights a week. Haley is in school every day, and I try to write while watching the kids and getting Ms Action from the bus. Pulling together time and inspiration has been somewhat of a challenge. I also lost the drafts of the posts I was working on 3 times in a row this year with the death of each computer, and that’s pretty discouraging.

But here I am again, hopefully working towards getting back to blogging more consistently. I have a new laptop, this time with the badly needed warranty, security, and repairs back-up. Maybe blogging will help me make some money to pay for it. I also have new rules about putting my laptop away every. single. time. I am not physically using it at that moment. Hopeful that helps keep this one alive for a while.

And as a word of advice to all the electronically challenged out there, keep liquid away from computers (they malfunction), cell phones out of the wash machine (mine seemed to be spasming whenever I put the battery back in), and flour out of the toaster (it spews smoke when you try to use it.) I speak from experience.


  • Melanie

    I’ve been looking for a new entry from you! Welcome back!

  • deedee

    welcome back!

    I would highly recommend using drppbox so you don’t lose any more drafts of your articles. It backs everything up online, and saves your versions for a month so even if you accidentally delete something, you can restore it. It’s a lifesaver!

    • Landon

      You could also draft in google docs, it instantly saves as you are working so you never lose anything by forgetting to save then having the computer crash.

  • Catholic Mutt

    Oh, wow! That’s a lot of electronic craziness right there! No flour in the toaster, eh? I’ll try to keep that in mind. ;)

  • November

    So good to see a post from you! And I hope your electronic luck improves :)

  • Meyli

    Welcome back!! I was wondering where you went…
    I hope your new laptop is working wonderfully :)

  • ABaker

    (Random info) I would, however, suggest throwing flour into a toaster *oven* if something catches fire. It smothers the flames without it being water (and therefore even more dangerous).

    But seriously I’m glad you’re back. Here’s to better electronics luck!

  • ‘Becca

    It’s good to see you back!

    I have had an iPad for about a year. It was a lot less expensive than a laptop and does many of the same things. I’ve learned to type almost fluently on the onscreen keyboard. (There are separate keyboards you can plug into it, but I haven’t felt like I needed one.) You do need access to a “real” computer to synch it every once in a while, but in general I find it pretty convenient.

  • Philip

    Long time reader and follower on Facebook and since you hit on area I’ve got some knowledge about figured I’d chime in with some advice. I actually work for Dell and if you ever run into problems with another Dell that you’re having problems getting fixed let me know and I can make sure the right folks get involved.

    I’d also recommend, personal recommendation not Dell recommendation, that you take a look at both Spybot ( and Malwarebytes ( those are both free anti-malware applications (i.e. they won’t protect against viruses but will protect against random spam & tracking software) that can really help keep your system up and running quickly. Even if your not having problems now installing those and keeping them up to date can really help prevent the software from being installed in the first place and removing anything that does get installed. Also both programs are free which is extra nice.