Unwrapping the Onion: Introduction

Unwrapping the Onion: Introduction April 9, 2012
I am about to publish the most intensely vulnerable series I have ever written. This will explain the rest of my journey. This is the part of our story I have not been free to tell yet, not safe to tell yet.
The final puzzle piece.
I know that many of my readers will not understand or agree with my situation or choices. This series may confuse you, it may anger you. I want you to know I will not take that personally. I am not looking to “convert” people or change someone’s mind, I’m not looking for support. I just ask that you hear me.
I am not trying to hurt anyone or attack any group. But I understand that many of you will be upset and many of you will unfollow and unfriend me after this. That’s OK. I understand, because I was once where you are. And I am still saddened by how it took me experiencing this myself before I could have empathy and understanding for the people in my situation.
You have all been a great part of my journey to health and wholeness, and I thank you for your support and encouragement. Even if this series ends those relationships, I will always be grateful.
Many of you have been with me for some time now, and if I can ask one favour before you make the choice to unfriend me, it is that you will hear me out. Stick around for the whole series. Read my story, hear my thoughts and questions. I understand it may make you uncomfortable, but if my blog and story have meant anything to you, please hear me before you go.
Thank you for listening.

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