February in photos

February has seriously been the longest month ever.

Ms Action had a birthday



The kids and I made a suncatcher.

We went out for Valentines Day.


Did some photo shoots

And more photo shoots.

Because this is what the sidewalk outside our house looks like.


So ready for spring.


Of course, I’m not including all the kids, because I don’t really put pictures of them here. And this should include pictures of Haley at school and me at work. And maybe a few of me laying around in my pajama’s aching and sick, because that’s how I spent two weeks of this month. (It felt much longer.)

Who else is ready for spring?

  • Jolie

    Blimey, you’ve got a HOT wife!
    (Had to be said… I simply love her hair in the valentine’s pic)

    • Melissa

      So true! I say it all the time. :)

  • Cici

    Love the pics! I am always ready for spring and it doesn’t even snow where I live. I really should look into Hawaii. :)

    • Melissa

      I like winter, for a little while, but I’m over it now.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Awww, you both look so adorable in those “photo shoot” pics. :-)

  • Paula G V aka Yukimi

    I’ve always been a summer person although now that I have a layer of fat, I tolerate better the cold XP Still, so looking forward to the end of the winter.

  • Adel

    That’s one lovely couple up there. Hot wife, yes, but you’re a looker too!

  • http://www.truerae.blogspot.com Rachel

    You both look so beautiful and happy in the valentine’s day pic! Love it!

  • Gunnar Tveiten

    Supercute pictures. All with you on spring, it should feel free to arrive *any* day now. Tomorrow would not be too soon.

  • Elizabeth

    Which one is you and which one Haley?

    • Melissa

      Haley is the blond, I’m the one with the short hair.

  • Karen

    How odd, I figured you for the blonde and Haley for the dark-haired woman. I thought about that for a bit, and realized every Melissa I’ve ever known has been blonde!

  • e

    Ready for spring? ME, ME!!! I live way down south and even the two weeks of cold we get are more than I care for, although that suncatcher is really cute. Mostly it’s just chilly enough that you can’t go out in whatever you like (yes, I realize I don’t have to deal with much. I’m still complaining :D). I’m ready to get some new plants in the ground and see the grass grow again. I want to see the new leaves on the trees and work with the kids in the garden. I want my shorts and tshirts and barefeet. I can’t wait til the kids can hit the door to go outside and not have to mess with shoes and coats lol! How do you manage to keep your little ones busy? I can imagine that being a tough job. Mine climb the walls if they can’t get out and play. Y’all snow looks pretty, but I’ll pass :D