As spiritual seekers we usually begin our paths contemplating the nature of our existence and what happens to our spirits once we no longer occupy a physical shell. However, the trappings of magic and spirit work can divert us from working with the closest spirit of them all-our own. Read more

The Nightshade Alkaloids The plants traditionally associated with witchcraft have shared infamous reputations and prominent places in myth since antiquity.  They have been used in politics, medicine, and magic by diverse groups throughout history.  There are four plants within the same group that are quintessential to the lore of the witch.  Belladonna, Henbane, Mandrake, and Thorn Apple; are the most commonly mentioned in myth and medicine.  They belong to the genus Solanaceae and the family Solanum; commonly known as Nightshades. … Read more

The peculiar powers of poison are many and diverse. They have been used creatively throughout history in politics, warfare and witchcraft. Read more

Have modern practitioners allowed too much importance to be placed on obtaining magical objects and working tools? Have modern witches become collectors of occult paraphernalia, hording their treasure trove like a greedy dragon? What happens when those objects are taken away? Read more

Not all practitioners of magic observe the eight sabbaths that make up the Witch’s Wheel of the Year. From a plant based practice we are able to follow the local cycles of the flora that surround us on a daily basis. Read more

Beginning the path of the witch is an exciting undertaking, and creating one’s own ritual tools is a large part of beginner practice. A witch’s arsenal can grow overtime often becoming a collective horde of objects with a mind of its own. Read more

There are as many branches on the World Tree as there are paths to the Underworld. The diversity of magical practitioners is part of our shapeshifting nature, expressing the unseen powers of nature through our devotion. Pharmakos, the path of poisons is part of the area of traditional witchcraft and it is my personal area of focus and my blog’s namesake. Read more

The image of the classical witch has been shaped over the centuries to become an antithesis of institutional religion. The medieval witch differs in form and function from the sorceresses and magicians of antiquity. It is also important to remember the role of Christian myth and folklore which contributed heavily to the understanding of the European Witch. Read more

Understanding the underlying currents that feed our magical practice give us new insight to the reason why certain practitioners gravitate towards specific types of occult symbolism in their magic. Read more

Spirit communication has been a central pillar of magical practice since the begininng of human civilization. Witches, shaman, and sorcerers have learned to gather power and knowledge through their relationships with these spirits. Spirit boards are a modern manifestation of spirit communication tools, and opinions of such vary within the magical community. Read more

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