Tuesday’s Prayer for Sisters and Nuns (a wee bit late)

Earlier this week a storm roared through with wind shears and explosive lightening, and power went out for nearly three days. I realized how important others are in our lives when we are in need.

My neighbors were pretty much self sufficient with their generators growling through the hours. But what of those who when disasters hit are left without the bare essentials and are in need?  

It is here that we offer our prayers for Sisters and Nuns. For those blessed women who silently come to the aid of those in need; from hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, mud slides and all other disasters of nature — or of man. Let us pray in Jesus name that they be strengthened by our prayers to press on in the demands of serving others with little or no supplies at hand. We pray for their safety and for the spiritual courage to persevere to bring comfort to the suffering. Amen.

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