Progressive Secular Humanist: Top 20 Stories of 2014

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For atheists, agnostics, and other freethinkers: The following are the 20 most popular posts of 2014, as determined by number of page views calculated via Google Analytics. 20) Marlo Thomas tells Today Show: ‘It’s not a miracle, it’s science’ Giving credit where credit is due: Marlo Thomas corrects Today Show host by explaining that boy’s [Read More...]

Transgender teen commits suicide, cites Christian parents in blog

Leelah Alcorn

After years of abuse and rejection from strict Christian parents, an Ohio transgender teen commits suicide by stepping in front of a moving tractor trailer truck. Leelah Alcorn, also known as Joshua Alcorn, was struck and killed by a passing semitrailer on southbound Interstate 71 in Union Township Sunday morning. The tragic event appears not [Read More...]

Driver in fatal hit and run was Maryland’s first female Episcopal bishop

Bishop Heather Cook, Maryland’s first female Episcopal bishop and second highest ranking official in the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, has been identified as the driver in a fatal hit and run of a bicyclist in Baltimore this weekend. According to reports, Bishop Cook initially fled the scene after striking Tom Palermo on December 27 with [Read More...]

‘Catholic Warrior’ attacks Satanic Temple display in Florida

Rage for Jesus: An angry woman wearing a “Catholic Warrior” shirt was arrested after vandalizing the Satanic Temple holiday display in the Florida Capitol Rotunda yesterday. Susan Hemeryck, 54, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief after she began ripping apart the display showing an angel falling into flames with the message “Happy Holidays from [Read More...]

Zombie Jesus Nativity scene is too much for Ohio town

Baby zombie Jesus makes Christians sad: In Ohio a homeowner was ordered to remove a Nativity scene in front of his house that features zombies instead of traditional biblical characters, or face legal action. Sycamore Township has ordered the nativity scene featuring zombies to be taken down. Particularly offensive for some Christians, the Nativity features [Read More...]

Argentina grants human right of freedom to captive orangutan

In a victory for animal rights activists, orangutans, and great apes everywhere, a court in Argentina has granted “non-human person” status to Sandra, a 29-year-old Sumatran orangutan. RT reports that in an unprecedented decision, an Argentine court has ruled that the Sumatran orangutan ‘Sandra,’ who has spent 20 years at the zoo in Argentina’s capital [Read More...]

New and improved: Atheists and Humanists rewrite Ten Commandments

Is Two Commandments enough?

Improving on the moral failure of the traditional Ten Commandments, atheists and humanists compose a new Decalogue for the 21st century. Lex Bayer, an executive at AirBnB, and John Figdor, a humanist chaplain at Stanford University, are the co-authors of the new book “Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart.” The authors recently organized a crowdsource contest to [Read More...]

Faith-healing parents get 10 years in prison for death of daughter

After choosing prayer over modern medicine, and depriving their daughter of life-saving care, Travis and Wenona Rossiter will each spend 10 years in prison for manslaughter in the faith-healing death of their 12-year-old daughter, Syble Rossiter. Late Friday, Judge Daniel Murphy imposed the 10-year sentences despite defense attorneys objections to sentencing guidelines. In Oregon, first-degree [Read More...]

GOP lawmaker tells Americans to rely on Jesus for healthcare

Faith healing madness: Republican lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt tells Americans “to look to the Lord” for healthcare, claiming that God will protect people from disease so long as they obey God’s commands. Commenting on a Fox News poll that showed 58 percent of respondents wanted to repeal Obamacare, Klingenschmitt, a Colorado state representative and former Navy chaplain, [Read More...]

Stephen Colbert champions separation of church and state

Stephen Colbert has signed off after nine years on the air as host of The Colbert Report. As we celebrate the man behind the character that coined the term “truthiness,” we look back upon remarks he made in support of the separation between church and state. In a 2012 interview with Terry Gross for NPR, [Read More...]