Youth pastor used fake Facebook accounts to solicit nude photos from kids

A youth pastor in Indiana has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after admitting he used phony Facebook accounts to solicit nude photos from children, including kids from his own youth group.Nathan Hasty, the Campus Life Director for Youth for Christ located in Huntington County, Ind., used three different fake Facebook accounts in order to start sexual conversations with multiple minors, eventually successfully soliciting naked photos from some of them.Earlier this month, U.S. … [Read more...]

Religious conservatives lead the nation in search for porn

Religious conservatives in the Bible Belt search for online porn more than anyone else according to a new study published earlier this month.The new study, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior and  produced by researchers from Canadian Universities, found that American states with more religious conservatives search more for sexual content on Google.Researchers used Google Trends to analyze porn searches while linking state level information from Gallup polls asking about … [Read more...]

NC magistrate resigns rather than perform gay marriage

Claiming that marrying gay couples “would desecrate a holy Institution established by God Himself,” a North Carolina magistrate has resigned his office, because marrying a same-sex couple would violate his religious beliefs.John Kallam Jr., who served in Rockingham County, sent a letter of resignation addressed to Chief District Court Judge Fred Wilkins on Thursday.In his letter of resignation, Kallam stated “I can no longer fulfill my oath of office in good faith.” Kallam wrote: When I … [Read more...]

Senate candidate Joni Ernst: Dangerous religious extremist

Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst is a dangerous religious extremist who believes Obamacare is wrong because citizens should depend on churches, not government.Ernst was caught explaining why people should rely on churches and not government for vital social services like health care in secretly recorded comments published by Iowa Public Radio.Ernst told a group of reporters that the reason Republicans oppose Obamacare is because the job of caring for the poor is simply not the … [Read more...]

Eighth grade atheist outwits Christian debater (Video)

8th grade atheist asks about God

A young atheist stumps a Christian debater with some simple questions about Christianity, and the supposed morality of an all knowing, all loving, all powerful god.Last month, at a Christian/atheist debate/discussion in Beaverton, Oregon, an eighth grade student identified as “Chad” had a chance to question Christian debater Ben Clifton, identified as an adjunct Instructor at a Bible school.Anyone who has thought deeply about Christianity has probably contemplated the simple and str … [Read more...]

Bible Code ‘proves’ Obama is the Antichrist

Citing new Biblical “research,” Christian conservatives are once again making the argument that President Barack Obama is the Antichrist.Jonathan Wright, an “analyst” trained in the discredited “Bible Code,” recently appeared on the popular Christian program “Trunews” to make the case for Obama being the Antichrist, or at the least the harbinger of the Antichrist.Using the Bible Code as evidence, Wright told “Trunews” host Rick Wiles that Obama is either the Antichrist or the harbinger of … [Read more...]

Youth pastor rapes teen boy to ‘cure’ homosexuality

Using threats of "black magic," a youth pastor in Kentucky repeatedly raped a teen boy, claiming the sexual abuse would cure the teen of homosexual tendencies.Kentucky police have arrested Polly Ann Church of God youth pastor Rex Allen Murphy after a 16-year-old male came forward to say he was being sexually abused by the youth pastor and Sunday school teacher.Murphy, 30, was booked into Pulaski County jail on Tuesday on felony charges including sodomy, sexual abuse, and use of a minor … [Read more...]

Vatican backtracks on treating gays with dignity

After suggesting gays and lesbians might be worthwhile human beings, the Vatican quickly backtracked, claiming the church did not mean to create “the impression of a positive evaluation” of same-sex relationships.On Monday the Vatican suggested the Catholic church should welcome and appreciate gays; however, by Tuesday, after a furious backlash by conservative Catholics, the Vatican reaffirmed it’s distaste for, and demonization of, the LGBT community.In Monday’s report, the Vatican boldl … [Read more...]