Feds find ‘bondage’ kit in storage unit of child molesting Christian radio host

Handcuffs, chains and duct tape were found in a storage unit belonging to popular Christian radio host John Baylo, recently arrested for allegedly paying for sexual encounters with young boys. MLive reports federal authorities are confirming that a storage unit rented to former Christian radio host John Balyo had a “bondage” kit that contained items [Read More...]

‘Faith, family and freedom’ GOP candidate explains public masturbation fetish

A Republican running for Michigan’s state Legislature is reassuring voters that his bizarre sexual fetish involving spark plugs and public masturbation does not detract from his conservative family values. Jordan D. Haskins is running to represent Michigan’s 95th House district in the state legislature and he wants voters to look past his bizarre sexual fetish [Read More...]

Christian homeschoolers lock boy in basement for two years

Solitary confinement: Christian homeschoolers in Georgia have been charged with first-degree cruelty to children and false imprisonment after keeping their 13-year-old son alone and locked up in a dark basement for nearly two years as punishment for stealing. Recardo Wimbush, 33, and Therian Cornelia Wimbush, 37, say they confined their young teen son because he’d [Read More...]

Slut-shaming Christian motivational speaker arrested while covered in his own vomit

Justin Lookadoo, a popular Christian motivational speaker with a reputation for misogyny, was arrested on charges of public intoxication earlier this week after he was found passed out and covered in vomit in his own automobile. Salon reports: Lookadoo, the Christian motivational speaker who makes a living telling teenagers that “dateable girls know how to [Read More...]

Texas cop kills for Christ, claims he is a ‘Christian Warrior’

Killing for Jesus? A Texas police officer has written a controversial book in which he justifies killing by invoking his Christian faith. SWAT Officer Charlie Eipper claims he was confident that Jesus Christ condoned and even supported his use of deadly force after killing a man in the line of duty, and explicates his convictions [Read More...]

Mother cited religious reasons for refusing to admit sick infant to hospital

A Florida mother was arrested after refusing to seek medical treatment for her sick and dehydrated newborn, telling police she preferred to “pursue a religion based treatment” for her child. Sarah Anne Markham was arrested Tuesday on a charge of child neglect. According to police, a pediatrician told Markham that her baby needed to be [Read More...]

School Board Director advocates for climate change denial

Tea Party science? A School Board Director and Tea Party Republican in Pennsylvania wants science textbooks to be supplemented with a pamphlet about the “true science” of global warming denial. Saucon Valley School Board Director Bryan Eichfeld called an environmental science textbook’s global warming chapter propaganda, and pushed the school board to supplement the book [Read More...]

Federal court rejects religious objections to vaccines

Religious objections to vaccines do not trump public health concerns and are not constitutionally protected, according to a federal judge in Brooklyn. The New York Times reports Judge William F. Kuntz ruled against a group of parents who sued the city for turning their unvaccinated children away from public school during outbreaks of contagious diseases [Read More...]

Christian extremists flee ‘godless’ America for anti-gay Russia

Christian extremists are fleeing ‘godless’ America and moving to Russia to escape the secular West and laws granting marriage equality to gay and lesbian citizens. A post in the popular conservative website World Net Daily reports that Christian Americans are leaving the country for Russia because of secular laws and policies that grant equality to [Read More...]

Bill Maher tells Jon Stewart religion is bad, Obama’s an atheist

On Monday’s edition of the “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart and guest Bill Maher discussed political discrimination against atheists, Hillary Clinton’s love for the Bible, and President Barack Obama’s supposed atheism. HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher told Stewart “Drugs are good, religion is bad” and “Obama’s spirituality is ‘bullsh*t” in the humor driven [Read More...]