Tom Williams at Crux says Pope Francis Praised Capitalism Last Year in USA

Tom Williams at Crux wrote a piece titled: "Pope Francis’s praise of capitalism a surprise on US trip".Isn't that strange?When did Pope Francis praise capitalism on his trip to the United States? Or, when has he praised capitalism ... ever?He hasn't.Tom Williams writes: Despite Pope Francis’s well-earned reputation as a critic of the “idolatry of money” and of powerful global economic forces that exploit the poor, he took advantage of his address to the U.S. Congress to lecture p … [Read More...]

Pope Francis’s Twitter Account Hacked by Liberation Theologian?

No. No, that didn't happen.Pope Francis tweeted this:Dialogue is born when I am capable of recognizing others as a gift of God and accept they have something to tell me. — Pope Francis (@Pontifex) September 21, 2016What does that mean in reference to Liberation Theology? Well, what he 'tweeted' is something you find a lot of in liberation theology, but also in a lot of patristics and mystical theology. Dialogue, entering into it, is something we often fail at when it comes to e … [Read More...]

Bourgeois News: Patriotic, Sacrilegious Rosary for Sale

For only $42 this patriotic Rosary can be yours!Description by Ghirelli: With the new USA Rosary, we hope [United Statesians] far and wide will be strengthened in their resolve to be ever more faithful followers of Jesus, while praying a rosary for the United States.Gold finish with red and blue enamel on the front of the Crucifix, with a portion of the Pledge Of Allegiance, “One Nation Under God”, inscribed on the reverse side.The Centerpiece, also in Gold finish, presents an image … [Read More...]

When President George H W Bush Fainted and Vomited on Japan’s Prime Minister

Join Keith Michael Estrada on Facebook ...On January 8, 1992, President George H.W. Bush fainted after vomiting on then Prime Minister of Japan, Kimchi Miyazawa.At least Clinton didn't vomit on a foreign dignitary. … [Read More...]

Pope Francis Rejects Equating Islam with Violence

Traveling back to the Vatican from a week in Poland for World Youth Day, Pope Francis told journalists that it is not right to equate Islam with violence.The Catholic Herald reports: “I do not like to speak of Islamic violence because everyday when I look through the papers, I see violence here in Italy,” the Pope told reporters.“And they are baptised Catholics. There are violent Catholics. If I speak of Islamic violence, I also have to speak of Catholic violence,” he added.Spending … [Read More...]