Speaking of Hypocrisy and Why It Matters

Mark Shea, over at Catholic and Enjoying It, just put up a post that I have to share here. He links an article that we all need to read and then ponder.

Please, do NOT read this and despair! We do not, any of us, belong to the R or the D. We follow a Risen Savior.

The truth, even when it hurts, is the first step to changing things. Those of us who want to actually build a culture of life rather than just talk about it, need to know the truth. It will, as Jesus told us, set us free. In this instance, set us free to hold these people accountable.

Mark Shea’s post says in part:

And in Today’s Prolife Political Wife Beating News
September 25, 2012 By Mark Shea 5 Comments
House Republicans Pass Funding for Planned Parenthood, Obamacare and Regulation Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith
They love you, baby. It’s just that, well, they work so *hard* for you and you keep making them angry with your stupid endless talk about the children and you wanting some respect. Can anybody blame them if they haul off and smack you now and then?
Here’s what you do, prolifer, according to the Current Wisdom: shut up about the whole prolife thing, let your Man in Congress *talk* about being prolife but stop hectoring him to go to the extreme of doing somethig about it. Smile for the cameras when they wave you over for the photo ops and, for heaven’s sake, try to lose some weight and not be such an *embarrassment* to your man! Do you *want* him to lose? He’s the only one that’s going to love a slug like you. So learn how to take a punch now and then and get back in line. A man can only put up with so much. (Read more here.)

  • http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com neenergyobserver

    Heh, well said, both of you.

  • Rebecca Hamilton

    Thank you.

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    This has no bearing on hypocrisy whatsoever. There is a difference when one has to pass a budget and when one has to debate individual issues. You cannot stall the country over budgetary issues. Otherwise each side would bring the country to a halt over everything and every day. That’s an agreed to precedent by both parties. You should know that Rebecca. Mark Shea has no knowledge of politics that’s worth anything.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think that is a somewhat reasonable point, in that it was a budget vote (although not a final vote). The reasons I decided to post the article were: 1. I have voted against and tied up budgets for less. 2. So have the Republicans.

      If they had a standard policy of never killing the budget or tying up the government over issues, I would feel differently. However, they do it all the time, in fact did do it just a few months ago (not the budget that time, increase of debt limit) in order to get corporate tax cuts. A little over a year ago, this exact practice of tying up the budget for partisan fights caused America’s credit rating to be down-graded. Again, it was the Rs, tying up the budget on behalf of corporations.

      It IS hypocrisy Manny. Or at the least, it is a manifestation of the fact that things like the HHS Mandate don’t matter to them all that much as compared to serving their corporate masters. I know you’re a Republican and it’s bitter medicine. But it’s the truth. I’ve had to swallow pills that are just as sour about the Democrats, believe me.

      If we don’t stop apologizing for these folks and make them change, this country is going to be in a bad way and we will never build a culture of life.

      • http://jscafenette.com Manny

        I guess you have to look at the situation and what will evolve.

        (1) If republicans halted the government over any social issue, they would lose the fight. Even people who support abortion would feel the effects of the government stop sending checks.

        (2) If the Republicans make a stand over any economic issue that is arguably going to improve the economy in the middle of a recession, they would win that fight. So they did.

        (3) If republicans make a stand over tax cuts for corporations when the economy is booming, presumably they would lose that fight.

        Perhaps they can stall the government over issues, but whoever does it better have a super winning hand. And I don’t think any social issue is going to cut it, whether it’s on the right or the left. Frankly I would love to see the republicans fight over some issues. Remember the woman (Schivo sp?) who they were going to stop the feeding tube and she died a few years ago? Republicans took a huge stand on that and got their butts handed to them. Social issues are not winning issues when it stops the government.

        • Rebecca Hamilton

          Manny, the Republicans have control of the House of Representatives. That’s enough to lock up anything, if they want. They will and have done it successfully for the corporations. They do not do it for things like the HHS Mandate.

          I’m not arguing the merits of either political party. What I am trying to argue is that we will NEVER retrieve our culture unless we start demanding more of them. The Democratic Party needs to be re-built from the grassroots. That’s a big job, but it’s been done before. The pro choice people did it.

          The Republicans almost need a similar overhaul. Christian people are already in place in the Republican Party, but they are useless to the Kingdom because they are so co-opted by the party that they won’t use their clout within the party to make it walk its talk.

          I’m going to be blunt, and I apologize for it before I say it. Stop believing their lies Manny. Use that brain and passion of yours — both of which are considerable — to demand that they be what they say they are.

          • http://jscafenette.com Manny

            Soicial issues are a losing proposition in this culture. The Terry Schivo debate proved it. What you are telling me is to either fight and lose, and therefore the Democrats rule, or we are being hypocrites when we moderate. Wasn’t it Bill Clinton who famously tact to the left and then to the right in order to find the right governing position? In other words, Democrats are allowed to do that, but Republicans aren’t? Politicians get criticized for being too ideological and then they get criticized for not being ideological enough.

            To govern requires politicians (a) move the country forward through the budget, (b) progress their vision/ideals, and (c) find a consensus to govern. Those are simultaneously mutually exclusive goals. And yet the people that vote for them demnd ideological purity. It’s all impossible. You can only do one or two at any given moment. That’s why I’m not cynical (ala Mark Shea) like those who say a plague on both your houses. That’s cynacism without understanding.

            I don’t know your record, but are you ideologically pure? Do you have to occaisionally sacrifice in order for the body to move forward? Do you sometimes have to accept a step back in the hopes of a future two steps forward?

          • Rebecca Hamilton

            Manny, I don’t agree with very much of what you said here. This is the same line of reasoning I hear where I work to justify killing pro life bills. If “social issues are losers” then why campaign on them? If a political party has no intention in following through on the things it says, then, it is as I said earlier, lying and we should stop believing them.

            As for the Democrats, I think I’ve made it abundantly clear how I feel about their positions. I don’t excuse my party. What I’m asking is that Republicans stop excusing theirs, as well. You (I mean you in the journalistic sense, not you personally Manny) can’t justify yourself by pointing out someone else’s sins.

            As for me, yes, I’ve taken “political” votes. If the people in my district are united about something (and my district does unite about things from time to time) I vote how they want. UNLESS, it involves killing people or harming people. Then, my attitude is that I will not do this, not even for them and if they are mad enough at me, they can replace me. That’s their right. But I will not kill people. I will not help anyone else kill people. I will not knowingly hurt people. I have harmed people with my votes, and I can tell you the remorse is terrible. But even back in my pro choice days I never KNOWINGLY hurt anyone.

            There is nothing about holding public office that is worth harming other people or this country. I believe that right down to the ground. I will not do it.

            Pure? No. But these people you’re trying to excuse who campaign on social issues then abandon them after the election are deliberate phonies and liars.

          • Rebecca Hamilton

            I’ve been thinking about this. I wouldn’t vote for a budget with the HHS Mandate in it. Wouldn’t do it. Not to move it along. Not to be one of the guys. Not for any reason. Nope. Uh-uh. Negatory. Absolutamente no!
            (Being like this gets me a lot of flack, btw.)

  • http://jscafenette.com Manny

    And the one who is in despair is Mark Shea. He is a pure cynic.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I think he’s more Irish than cynic. In fact, I would say he’s the opposite of a cynic in that he has such high ideals.