Hurricane Sandy: Prayer for Our Friends in Her Path

  • Ted Seeber

    I too am praying for friends on the East Coast. I am finding it hard not to fall into a superstitious response of allegory between this storm and the election.

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      I for one hope that it doesn’t affect the election since every scenario I can think of where it would involves destruction and, at the least, loss of property.

      • Ted Seeber

        Hard to run those Diebold machines if the power is out for the next three weeks.

  • coracle

    I’m praying for each of you in this storm. My prayer to God is that he protects you and returns you to safety as soon as possible.

    In His name,

  • Biltrix

    Greetings from storm-struck NY. Just now getting reconnected with the rest of civilization through public wifi in the nearest town that has electricity. We’re fortunate and safe all things considered. My prayers go out to everyone has suffered a loss from this storm. Thank you to all for your prayers. God bless!

    • Rebecca Hamilton

      Welcome back James! I’m still waiting to hear from a friend in New Jersey. She said it was coming in, then I guess her power went down. I think she’s fine, since her house is higher up, but I’d still like to hear.

      It’s great to see you checking in! We will keep praying for those who are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Blessings.

  • Marco Spinola

    Praying as a church for everyone affected by the storm.