Pope Benedict’s New Title? Just Call Him Bishop Emeritus.

Immediately after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, reports circulated that he would be bumped back to a cardinal, which I passed along to you. This made sense at the time, because there can be only one pope.

It turns out that the Holy Father will have a new title designed to express his unique position in the Church as a living, but not sitting, Pope. His title will be: “His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Bishop Emeritus of Rome.”

That sounds a lot better — and more accurate — than calling him “Cardinal Ratzinger” once again. That idea made me sad and I am glad it’s not going to happen.

Frank Weathers, who blogs at Why I Am Catholic, has details. Check it out here.

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  • Theodore Seeber

    This makes sense, given that’s the title given to other Bishops and Archbishops when they retire.

  • http://jessicahof.wordpress.com/ Jessica Hoff

    A fitting and unique title for a very great Christian.

  • Subsistent

    One thing about Benedict I think is “neat”, “keen”, “slick”, “cool”, is that even if the books he’s commercially published (as on *Jesus of Nazareth*) haven’t been best-sellers, they mean that he’s been financially self-supporting (or the equivalent). Not that I don’t agree with St. Paul that one who (full-time) preaches the Gospel should be able to “live by the Gospel” — but after all, even Paul earned at least part of his living as a tent-maker.

  • Anna

    Pope Benedict’s books haven’t been best sellers?! He has sold millions of copies of the “Jesus of Nazareth” series alone, not to mention printed versions his encyclicals and all of the books he wrote prior to becoming cardinal and pope. I once read that he didn’t ask for royalties as a cardinal, just simply copies of books that he could give away. Any money he received from later books were used to set up a foundation for the study of his collected works. The royalties were used to support financially strapped seminarians especially in third world countries.

    • Subsistent

      I’m glad to hear Benedict’s books have been best sellers, as IMO they deserve to be. (Notice that I didn’t write, “even though the books … haven’t been best-sellers”, but rather, “even if [they] haven’t been …”: I wasn’t sure.)

  • Patrick

    “His Holiness, Benedict XVI, Bishop Emeritus of Rome” is right and fitting. We must not forget that he was Pope.