Patheos’ Beer Guy and Choc Beer


Patheos’ Beer Guy, Frank Weathers

My husband and I took a rambling drive through the Oklahoma hills yesterday. 

We wound around the Talihina Drive and ended up at Pete’s Place in Krebs, Oklahoma. For those of you who don’t know, that means we were well and royally fed. 

I admired the beer menu, and the good folks at Pete’s gave it to me. Here it is, for the perusal of all you poor folks out there who aren’t Okies. (And, of course, Patheos’ own beer connoisseur, Frank Weathers) I’m not a beer drinker, but those who are say that Pete’s and Choc beer are beyond compare. 

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  • pagansister

    I don’t drink beer but choc beer sounds like I might be persuaded to try one, since I am a totally addicted to chocolate—the darker the better. :-)

  • Dale

    Cocoa is sometimes added to heavier beers, and this isn’t always announced on the package. I bought a local porter once, and was surprised by it Flavored beers aren’t really my thing, but I understand they have appeal. Variety, spice, life and all that… having choices is good.

    I’ve never seen such an extensive list of chocolate beers, though!