President Obama’s Statement on Charleston Murders

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons. Official White House Photo.
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons. Official White House Photo.

President Obama combined his grief about the shooting in South Carolina with a call for gun control.

I considered just not putting this video on Public Catholic because of that. I don’t think this tragic situation is the time or place for a debate like that. I decided to go ahead and post this video of the president’s remarks because I trust in the goodness of Public Catholic’s faithful readers.

Please don’t excoriate the president or go at one another over gun control.

Let’s focus on the beautiful lives that were lost and the great hope that we in eternal life through Christ Jesus.

We can talk politics another day.

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  • AnneG

    I love Charleston, anyway. My son went to college there, so we know it pretty well. I’m really moved by how charitable everybody is acting. I’ve seen that church many times, but did not know the history. I’m really sorry for their grief. Lord, Have Mercy.

  • The Bath School Massacre used dynamite. So did several bombings of AME churches in the 1960s. Guns do not matter, racism does.

  • Sophia Sadek

    Even if there were tighter restrictions on handguns, people like Roof would have access to weapons on the black market.