Free Speech is an Illusion: Why Leftists Silence

Leftists silence our enemies because we understand that free speech is an illusion designed to protect the powerful. Read more

Polyamory and the Kingdom of God

Polyamory is of God because unlike monogamy, it is a truly free expression of love. Read more

Patheos Welcomes Plagiarist and Disgraced Pastor Mark Driscoll!

I was excited to learn that the Evangelical Channel here on Patheos is welcoming a new blogger to their ranks.  It’s the disgraced former pastor of the now-defunct Mars Hill Church, Mark Driscoll! You may have heard of Mark Driscoll from the drama that surrounded his departure from Mars Hill and its subsequent dissolution back in 2014.  The founding pastor who attracted attention for his populist-style of preaching was accused by his own church’s Board of Elders of “persistent sinful… Read more

Prefigurative Politics:  How Jesus Lived the Kingdom of God

Jesus didn’t just preach the Kingdom of God. He and his followers actively lived it. Read more

What the Hell is Ta-Nehisi Coates Talking About?

Trump is the first white supremacist president, unless you count every single previous president. Read more

No, Steve Chapman; The Unabomber Wasn’t Right (And Neither Are You)

Technology isn’t the enemy. Capitalism is. Read more

The One Thing Hillary Clinton Gets Right About the Far Left

Hillary Clinton is correct that the far left wants to blow up the current system. Is that supposed to be a bad thing? Read more

Hurricane Harvey is God’s Punishment for Capitalism

The devastation wrought by Harvey is a sign of the coming end of capitalism. Read more

Kasparian-Coulter Debate Reveals Everything Wrong With Liberalism

Ana Kasparian’s answer to a question about black and Hispanic workers reveals the failure of liberalism as a working-class ideology. Read more

Would Jesus Punch a Nazi?

Is it okay for Christians to punch Nazis? Read more

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