Marriage, Poverty, and Fathers: A Response to David Brooks

Is there an epidemic of deadbeat dads in America’s inner cities? If so, what’s behind it? [Read more…]

Is Religion the Opiate of the Masses?

Can religion be made from the sigh of the oppressed creature into the battle-cry of the oppressed creature? [Read more…]

A Stab in the Dark at Christian Marxism

Have you ever heard of Christian Marxism? Anyone who has kept up with my blogging over the past couple years can see that I struggle with how exactly to define my faith.  I was a Christian, then a progressive Christian, then a panentheistic Christian, then a non-theistic Christian, then a Christian atheist, then a revolutionary [Read More…]

The Democrats Have Officially Brought Back Red-Baiting: Brooklyn Teacher Accused of Being A Communist

A Brooklyn principal is under investigation for “communist activities.” Is it 2017, or 1956? [Read more…]

A Prayer for Workers on International Workers’ Day

While the chief priests and the elders pray in vain for your Kingdom to come, we workers will build Your kingdom from the ground up, just as we have built this world. [Read more…]

I Told You So About Barack Obama

Obama’s $400,000 Wall Street speaking fee is nothing less than a “Job well done.” [Read more…]

How Jimmy Dore Became an Unlikely Hero to the Left

Jimmy Dore has proven himself an ally of the radical left, even without placing himself firmly among us. [Read more…]

Easter is a Myth (and That’s Okay)

Don’t be ashamed of the word “mythology.” Mythology is how we explain our world. What does the story of Easter tell us? [Read more…]

The Crucifixion is Just as Important as the Resurrection

Without a proper understanding of the Crucifixion, we cannot hope to understand the Resurrection. [Read more…]

Assad is Not a Supervillain

Has anyone stopped to consider why Assad would use sarin gas in a war he’s winning? [Read more…]