Easter is a Myth (and That’s Okay)

Don’t be ashamed of the word “mythology.” Mythology is how we explain our world. What does the story of Easter tell us? [Read more…]

The Crucifixion is Just as Important as the Resurrection

Without a proper understanding of the Crucifixion, we cannot hope to understand the Resurrection. [Read more…]

Assad is Not a Supervillain

Has anyone stopped to consider why Assad would use sarin gas in a war he’s winning? [Read more…]

Christianity Created Capitalism. It Must Now Destroy It.

Capitalism was created and nurtured by followers of Jesus. Now, for the good of humankind, followers of Jesus must destroy it. [Read more…]

London Lives Matter 11 Times as Much as Syrian, Apparently

A terrorist attack in London left 3 dead. A US airstrike in Syria left 33 dead. Guess which one liberals are sad about? [Read more…]

Singing in Church is Bad Praxis; Here’s What Churches Should Do Instead

There are more ways to worship than just singing songs together on Sunday morning. [Read more…]

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Why Allison Lynch Misses the Mark on Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christianity works because of what it DOES believe, not what it doesn’t. [Read more…]

Why Islam Overtaking Christianity is Good for Christians

Islam will overtake Christianity as the world’s largest religion in 2070. Christians should be rejoicing. [Read more…]

The Rehabilitation of Bush is Obama’s Worst Legacy

It’s no surprise liberals are developing a soft spot for Bush despite his atrocities. They spent eight years doing the same for Barack Obama. [Read more…]

Not Peace, but Division: The Kingdom of God and Family Values

Emphasizing family values is a hallmark of conservative Christianity. An examination of these values, however, reveals that they are profoundly anti-Christian. [Read more…]

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