Katy Perry Cries Meeting Christian Singer Crystal Lewis; ‘My Madonna’

During a livestream to promote her new album, the pop singer meets her onetime musical idol.

To promote her latest album, Witness, pop singer Katy Perry live-streamed her life for three days. One morning, a choir from her song “Pendulum” surprised the sleeping singer by performing “Firework” and “Pendulum” in her bedroom. In the YouTube clip below, Perry spots Christian artist Crystal Lewis, and becomes emotional. After several groggy embraces, she calls Lewis “my favorite singer growing up,” “My Madonna” and talks about her favorite songs, “Come As You Are” and “People Get Ready (Jesus Is Coming).” “Wait, I LOVE YOU,” she tells Lewis, who in turn also encourages and praises Perry for her talent and voice in the industry.

Katy Perry, photographed by Georges Biard. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.
Katy Perry, photographed by Georges Biard. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Perry began her career in the Christian music industry, releasing her self-titled album Katy Hudson at sixteen years-old through Red Hill Records. Read DeWayne Hamby’s interview with Perry from many years ago here


Here’s a young Perry singing one of Crystal Lewis’ songs:

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