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Vincent’s Dream (Another Alternate LOST Ending)

Jimmy Kimmel is still producing alternate endings to LOST. Here’s another one: [Read more…]

Evolving in Monkey Town

I just had drawn to my attention a new book, Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans. It looks very promising, if this video trailer about the book is anything to go by… [Read more…]

An Interesting Choice of Words in a Facebook Ad

I have not tampered with this ad at all. It is exactly as it appeared in the side bar on Facebook. Does anyone else think that the title is either a poor choice, or perhaps unintentionally appropriate? [Read more…]

Be Thou Not Liberal?

Having had some conservative Christians label me as “liberal” in recent weeks, with the apparent assumption that doing so is all that is necessary in order to show that I’m wrong, I began thinking about this question: Where do conservative Christians find in the Bible the idea that liberalism is wrong? Given the propensity of conservatives [Read More…]

LOST: It Only Ends Once…But Then You Can Go Back And Watch It Again!

Mark Traphagen has begun a series on LOST on his blog the League of Inveterate Poets. After blogging about the finale, Mark has now begun the process of rewatching the series from the beginning and blogging about it with the whole of the series, including the ending, in mind. LOST fans wondering what they can do [Read More…]

Conversations on Jesus’ Speeches and Memory in the Biblioblogosphere

Judy Redman posted on the speeches of Jesus and recent research on the psychology of memory as it relates to verbatim recall with and without textual assistance. Michael Bird posted Nick Perrin’s response to Judy’s blog entry about his book. Judy responds on her own blog. Earlier Doug Chapin discussed Judy Redman’s defense of April [Read More…]

Happy Geek Pride Day!

The Geek Muse drew attention to the fact that today is Geek Pride Day – according to Wikipedia. I dispute that the day should be understood to apply equally to nerds, but that is neither here nor there. Nerds rank above geeks in their editing of Wikipedia, and so if they say the day applies to [Read More…]

The Ending of LOST Explained

Nik at Nite has shared an explanation of LOST that claims to be from someone at Bad Robot and reflect the outlook of the show’s creator, producers and writers. It may or may not be authentic, but at first glance it seems at the very least to come from someone who has insight into the [Read More…]

Trinitarians Without Colons? Rob Bowman on 1 Corinthians 8:4-6

Having had my attention grabbed, I looked to see where else I was mentioned in the Trinity debate. I knew that my book had come up, but I was not aware just how often it was mentioned in the comments section. Rob Bowman mentions my interpretation of 1 Corinthians 8:4-6 in a comment. His first [Read More…]

Worshipping God and the King (A Neglected Verse in a Not-So-Great Trinity Debate)

I have been glancing at, but not following very closely, the “Great Trinity Debate” taking place over at Parchment and Pen. But skimming Rob Bowman’s concluding post, I saw a familiar name – my own! And so I took a closer look. Alas, what I found there was an assertion that I am wrong (not [Read More…]