A Review: “Us Versus Us” By Andrew Marin

In his latest book, “Us Versus Us”, Andrew Marin, a self-identified expert on faith and sexuality unveils a groundbreaking new study about the LGBT+ community and our relation to religion. Marin, known for his attempts to “build bridges” between the LGBT+ and conservative evangelical community, has been a controversial figure because of his refusal to publicly acknowledge his support of or against LGBT+ inclusion in the Church. Full disclosure, as a student in Chicago who was struggling with his … [Read more...]

Our Love Must Expel Fear (On Orlando)

I was standing at a gay bar in London when news flashed across my iPhone that there was a shooting at an LGBT+ nightclub in Orlando. I was standing in the street with hundreds of other LGBT+ people, conversing, laughing, and celebrating life. I saw the news and my initial reaction was to sigh in disbelief, but to presume that this was just another tragic shooting that I’ve become all too familiar with hearing about in the U.S. I whispered a brief prayer for those involved, and I put my phone aw … [Read more...]

Dear Church (A Frank Letter From A Queer Christian)

The following is a letter written from bi-sexual Christian author and activist, Brandan Robertson, to the Christian Church at large. This letter was presented as a talk at Our Witness Conference in Denver, Colorado on April 23, 2016. For more content from Our Witness, click here.Dear Church,Hello. It’s Me.You know. The heretic. The one who walked away. The backslider.Hello from the other side.You know. I’ve loved you for a long time. Ever since I was twelve years old, whe … [Read more...]

What You Refuse To Know Hurts Thousands: Evangelicals, Bathrooms, and Gender Identity

On May 13th, the White House, along with the Department of Education and the Department of Justice, announced that public schools must allow students to use the bathroom and locker room that corresponds with their gender identity. As soon as the announcement was made, the conservative Christian world, as expected reacted with great vitriol and fear. Conservative commentator Michael Brown called Christians to “civilly disobey” the Obama administrations mandate, saying “Enough is enough. Too many l … [Read more...]

Target, Bathrooms, & The Paralyzing Power of Fear

Fear. The fear that I was taught to embrace as a conservative evangelical was the reason that cracks began to form in the shell of my blind allegiance to the doctrines and dogmas that I had been implored to believe in. I was taught to fear hell, fear God, fear modern technological innovations and anyone politician who suggested a peace plan for the Middle East because these were a sure signs that the anti-Christ was about to rise and the end of the world was near. I was also told that I should … [Read more...]

A Word To My Non-Affirming Friends

I often have conversations with non-affirming, traditionalist Christians who look at me with desperation in their eyes and say, "Brandan, I'm not homophobic. I'm not a bigot. I just cannot come to the same position as you based on my reading of the Bible. What am I supposed to do? How do I love LGBT+ people in my community?"I understand the struggle. I don't believe that all non-affirming Christians are homophobic or bigots. I believe many have really good intentions. But often, their good in … [Read more...]