Kim Davis, the Conservative Agenda, and Religious Liberty


For the past two days, my newsfeed on Facebook has been filled with posts and comments about the arrest of Kim Davis, the court clerk from Kentucky who was imprisoned on Thursday for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in her county, despite the Supreme Court's ruling for equality and direct orders from a judge to resume issuing licenses. As soon as Davis's arrest was announced, the conservative media blew up with cries of persecution, calling Davis a martyr and even likening … [Read more...]

How Kim Davis’s Imprisonment Is A Win for Religious Liberty

It finally happened. On the morning of September 3, 2015, Federal Marshalls placed Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to LGBTQ couples, under arrest for contempt of court. Davis had been refusing to issue licenses in her county for weeks, arguing that she shouldn't be forced to issue licenses to same-sex couples because it violated her Christian faith. Her case made it all the way to the Supreme Court, who turned down her ruling, and she was ordered by Judge … [Read more...]

Ashley Madison and the Sanctity of Marriage


Ashley Madison. Two words that are continually floating around the evangelical world this week. Two words that are causing unimaginable anxiety and fear to rise in the hearts of so many evangelical leaders and laypeople alike. Two words that are highlighting all of our propensity to stumble and fall in our moments of greatest stress and greatest weakness.In the past few weeks, we have heard the confessions of some of the pastors, political leaders, and theologians that have shaped the faith … [Read more...]

How The Eucharist Will Save Us All


If you grew up in a Baptist church like I did, then you know that Baptist’s like to eat. Any and every time there is an occasion worth celebrating, a good Baptist church will call for a time of “fellowship”. All of the Baptists moms would go home to their kitchens and begin whipping up one of their favorite recipes, usually something quite unhealthy, but quite tasty. The morning of the “fellowship” an endless stream of women head downstairs with their foil-covered dishes, filling the church build … [Read more...]

Shall The Fundamentalists Win? (On Being Evangelical, Part 2)


Earlier today, I sat down at my desk and began reading Rev. Harry Emerson Fosdick's famous sermon, “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?” I had never read this sermon before, because in my conservative world, I was taught to think of Fosdick as a heretic rendering his ideas and work were unworthy of my engagement. But somehow, through my scrolling through Google today, I landed on this sermon and I began to read it. Of all the eras of modern history, the one that is most interesting to me is that of th … [Read more...]

Brandan Interviewed by John Fugelsang About Being An Evangelical


Hey friends! Just wanted to share with you a few clips from my interview with the hilarious John Fugelsang's show, Tell Me Everything, on SiriusXM Insight. If you know anything about John, he is a brilliant comedian and cultural commentator who comes from a conservative religious background and often pokes fun at narrow religion as a way of communicating the power of the actual teachings of Christ. This was my second time on John's show and every time we chat we have the most intriguing … [Read more...]