National Guard’s new religious ads: “(only some of) you are needed here”

Zachary Sneddon, a U.S. Navy Avionics Technician sent in this screen capture of a new National Guard online advertising campaign.Sneddon explains: "I took this screen capture while browsing; draw your attention to the banner ad to the right of the media window in this picture. It's a recruitment ad for the Army National Guard. The picture is of the torso of a man wearing fatigues with captain's bars and carrying a bible in his hand, one of the ubiquitous Christian "HOLY BIBLE" generic … [Read more...]

So you atheists think you are smarter than Einstein?

I get comments...Stella writes: Do you guys think you are smarter than Einstein, who proved the existence of God mathematically? That Blair Scott is just seeking attention. He cannot be that smart otherwise he would watch his health instead of trying to dictate how others should think. Well, maybe I am smarter than Einstein. Ever think of that, Stella? Watch this 30 second video and tell me that this is the same Einstein that you think so highly of that you commit the appeal to authority … [Read more...]

Dustin at dwnomad pledges to support RBB with an epic bit of disclosure

"I get e-mail..." sometimes in a good way.Take a look at this offer to help. Justin,You're so positive and awesome I sure hope I get the chance to meet you at some point. If you need any help with Rock Beyond Belief, whether it's promotion, logistics, being a greeter, or if you're desperate for a speaker I would be happy to help. I probably should disclose that my last public speaking engagement was the last sermon I preached just over four years ago.Thanks, Dustin Quite a bombshell of a d … [Read more...]

My first act as Military Director of American Atheists

This is a big announcement for me. SGT Justin Griffith appointed as American Atheists’ Military DirectorAmerican Atheists is pleased to announce the appointment of Army Sergeant Justin Griffith as American Atheists’ Military Director.  Sergeant Griffith replaces First Sergeant (Retired) Kathleen Johnson, who stepped down in order to focus on her duties as American Atheists’ Vice President.  SGT Griffith is the founder of the Military Atheists and Secular Humanists (MASH) at Fort Bragg, NC and i … [Read more...]

There Are No Atheists In Fox News

I'll just leave this here. Subtle change is very subtle.I'm all for exposing the 'No atheists in foxholes' BS for what it is. Some people prefer to counter with long winded debunking, or lists of atheist who served in the armed forces. And I like those things too.But I prefer to take the piss out of the myth with humor.Best usage:Condescending Theist: "You know there are no atheists in foxholes, right?"Sly guy: "You mean Fox-News not fox-hole. That's the fundie news network, so I … [Read more...]

Why do Christians go to church… LOL WUT?

I was checking the recent search term results to this website a few days back.  That's when I came across this 'gem'.I laughed pretty hard at the absurd search term. I'm not really sure how I'm saposed to answer this question. The thought of someone typing that into Google as if they expected to learn the answer to that question is also peculiar. A very silly drunk person, I sapose.I guess I can kind of apply a beer-filter and guess at what they were trying to say. I think they might h … [Read more...]

RBB finally featuring RSS

Quick note - I somehow neglected to have any way for people to subscribe to these posts via RSS.Anyway - here's the RSS feed seems that RSS has been the gold standard for blog readership for quite some time. So I must look pretty dense. So I might as well ask you guys: Do you guys use RSS? Do you use it for anything besides reading blogs? What's the 'best' reader? Am I doing it right yet? … [Read more...]

My ‘Atheist / Flying Spaghetti Monster’ military dog tags

My dog tags are now featured on the Flying Spaghetti Monster Wikipedia entry.A little while ago, news broke about a Pastafarian winning the right to wearing a pasta strainer on his head for his official driver's license photograph *edit: it seems that there was no legal battle*. Coincidentally, around the same time, I got a few emails from the contributors to a Wikipedia article on Religious Symbols in the US Military asking if I would contribute a photograph of my Atheist dog tags.Shortly … [Read more...]