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National Guard’s new religious ads: “(only some of) you are needed here”

This advertisement seems to be saying that the United States Army National Guard needs Christian soldiers. What about Jews? Muslims? Buddhists? Atheists? I am a natural-born American citizen and a patriot… [Read more…]

So you atheists think you are smarter than Einstein?

Commenter, Stella asks: Do you guys think you are smarter than Einstein, who proved the existence of God mathematically? [Read more…]

Dustin at dwnomad pledges to support RBB with an epic bit of disclosure

After offering to speak, he added, “I should disclose that my last public speaking engagement was the last sermon I preached just over four years ago.” [Read more…]

My first act as Military Director of American Atheists

I was just appointed the Military Director of American Atheists, Inc. I’m extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity to ‘play in the big leagues’. Alas, I must start out with a bang: The death of “No atheists in foxholes”. [Read more…]

There Are No Atheists In Fox News

I’m all for exposing the ‘No atheists in foxholes’ BS for what it is. But I prefer to take the piss out of the myth with humor. Look at this screen capture closely. [Read more…]

Why do Christians go to church… LOL WUT?

On a list of recent search term results that brought a person to this website I noticed a really funny peculiarity. I’m pretty sure booze was involved. Check the screen capture out – it’s absurd [Read more…]

RBB finally featuring RSS

It seems that RSS has been the gold standard for blog readership for quite some time. So I must look pretty dense. [Read more…]

My ‘Atheist / Flying Spaghetti Monster’ military dog tags

My dog tags are now featured on the Flying Spaghetti Monster Wikipedia entry. I have some funny stories about FSM and the Army, including a priceless exchange with a Drill Sergeant. [Read more…]