Military training video on how to perform a ‘rocket jump’

Ever wanted to live your life like a video game? More than just strafing around every corner, and jumping constantly... you can now perform a rocket jump!The military now has training videos! Good stuff. Read more at the story.  … [Read more...]

An entire day of Army Suicide Prevention training at recruiting school

It's no secret that the military is facing a staggering suicide rate, more than one every day now. The trend was spotted years ago, and was the basis for justifying 2009's $125 Mil. 'Spiritual Fitness' nonsense. Since then, the suicide rate has skyrocketed, as more and more money is being wasted on a religious approach to a mental health problem.Since I made that info-graphic a few months back, the Army's data suggests an even bigger increase may be looming. According to Fort Jackson's … [Read more...]

Roy Zimmerman, Sarah Silverman, Russell Brand stand united

Roy Zimmerman, folk rocker, god blocker and RBB1 performer, wrote to me with an important heads up!Hey Justin --I'm sure you know about Rev. Barry Lynn's group Americans for the Separation of Church and State. This weekend, Americans for... is sponsoring a bunch of concerts nationwide by a vast array of artists including, as you might have guess, me. Also Russell Brand, Sarah Silverman and folkies Catie Curtis, John McCutcheon, Laura Love and many many more.Here's the site for … [Read more...]

“Unseen IMPERISHABLE bodies in aura”

The email I just received from Don Smalter just changed the way I think about things. Things like, should I listen to Don Smalter about anything? Will I become dumber if I read this whole email? I just stubbed my toe, so maybe reading just a few paragraphs already made me dumber. Motherfucker!It starts out like this:Electro-magnetic imprint of DNA goes with you in the death transition? Multi-life history/experience/deeds and “form holding” pattern in Junk DNA ? Reincarnation likely?  Scie … [Read more...]

Fort Bragg now hiring a civilian to proselytize to youths

Need a job, but don't want to get bogged down with constitutional boundaries? Well, Fort Bragg is hiring!2) Coordinate community-wide and/or Neighborhood Youth Outreach/Club Meetings (may be non- and multi-denominational).These are group meetings of teens and adult leaders are designed to attract and relate to youth from throughout the Fort Bragg military community, especially those that have limited consistent religious input in their lives. Meetings shall typically use a variety of … [Read more...]

Love story in 22 pictures

I almost cried. … [Read more...]

Revolutionary ‘Explosive Economics’ doctrine may help Army recruiting

I graduate from the Army's recruiter-training program in a few weeks. I'll ask my instructors how to incorporate ground-breaking socioeconomic studies such as this 'Explosive Economics' a job? Come talk to Sergeant Griffith! He's got explosive economic opportunities just for you!Saw this on Comradde Physioproffe's blog, first. See? It is backed by a college professor with tenure! It's probably more effective than this: … [Read more...]

6 Examples of Christian Music That Doesn’t Suck

Why are there so many lists compiling the 'worst Christian songs'? It's simple. 'Christian Rock' is overwhelmingly awful music. There's no real reason why this should be the case, though. We have countless beautiful paintings, sculptures, and architecture directly inspired by religion. Why should music be any different?As an atheist, and as a music junkie, I compiled this list to document the existence of Christian music that doesn't suck - for the benefit of those who may think such a thing … [Read more...]