“Hymens are for Forming Blood Covenants” and Other Things I’ve Learned from Christian Dating Books

I have read a lot of Christian dating books.You may have already read about some of these in my "You Are Not Your Own" series here on the blog (and now you can read about them in my academically published, peer-reviewed research article!). I still read them because they're fun to mock (I know, I know, that's so professional and academic of me), and because it's interesting to see how many Christian dating books have similar characteristics to the books I have officially res … [Read more...]

A Review of “The Wilderness of Motherhood”

The-Wilderness-of-Motherhood-book-cover (1)

"What I want to see is the card with the naked warrior woman, flecked in blood and gore, with her sword in one hand and her other holding her baby to her hip. I want to see the corpses of defeated demons at her feet. After birthing my son, that is motherhood to me." --Lora Freeman Williams  Lora Freeman Williams recently sent me a copy of her new book The Wilderness of Motherhood to read and review. This book is a memoir of her experiences as a mother, and how those experiences were shaped by he … [Read more...]

Liberating Liturgies: Virgin Mary and the Purity Myth

Virgin Mary and Jesus (old Persian miniature). Artist Unknown.

I have some more thoughts on Liberating Liturgies for you today. I'm going to keep on talking about my (not the, but my) feminist Apostles' Creed, and why I rewrote this creed the way I did. I've already talked about some imagery for God that I find extremely empowering: God Our Mother Bear and Sophia. Now I'm going to talk about something a little different: Mary, the mother of Jesus.I believe in God, our Mother Bear,   source of all being. I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s wisdom made flesh, … [Read more...]

Liberating Liturgies: Who Is Sophia?

Sophia, the Holy Wisdom, 1812 (image via Wikipedia Commons)

I've got another guest post for Liberating Liturgies coming  up next week. In the meantime, I'll continue talking about my own Liberating Liturgies. I'm still going through my rewritten Apostles' Creed and explaining why I changed what I changed and why I chose what I chose. In my last post I explained why I am drawn to the imagery of God Our Mother Bear. Today, I'm going to move on and talk about a couple more of my choices. First, my (not the) Feminist Apostles' Creed, for anyone who missed it … [Read more...]

Liberating Liturgies: Blessed Be (A Guest Post By Lesley-Anne Evans)

photo credit to Giovanni Vidotto.

Today's Liberating Liturgy is drawn from the Beatitudes, and comes to us from poet, Lesley-Anne Evans. I know you'll enjoy it!Lesley-Anne Evans is Belfast, Northern Ireland born, and suburban Toronto, Ontario raised. She holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, and designed theme parks for Disney and Universal Studios. In 1993, Lesley-Anne relocated to Kelowna, British Columbia, in search of wild things and slow spaces. She lives with her husband of 27 years, three young adult children, an … [Read more...]

Liberating Liturgies: A Creed By Ryan Kenji Kuramitsu


For today's Liberating Liturgy, I am happy to share with you a creed from Ryan Kenji Kuramitsu. I really love this creed--it draws from sources as various as Charles Wesley and Samuel L. Jackson. I hope you'll enjoy it as well.  Ryan Kenji Kuramitsu is a writer, activist, and undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, where he studies Social Work and Spanish.  Kenji is a multiracial Christian who is passionate about event planning, being an RA, and connecting with p … [Read more...]

Liberating Liturgies: Anselm of Canterbury, and Jesus Our Mother

Image via Wikipedia Commons. Artist unknown.

Today's Liberating Liturgy comes from an interesting source: Anselm of Canterbury, a monk who lived from 1033-1109 C.E.  I found this Liberating Liturgy quoted in She Who Is, by Elizabeth A. Johnson (pg 151--emphasis mine): But you too, good Jesus, are you not also a mother?Are you not a mother who like a hen gathers her chicks beneath her wings? ....And you, my soul, dead in yourself,run under the wings of Jesus your motherand lament your griefs under his feathers.Ask that y … [Read more...]

Liberating Liturgies: Down On the Corner (A Guest Post By KP)

Today's Liberating Liturgy post comes from KP. They decided not to write their own liturgy, but to share with us a story told by a Jewish rabbi, and to rethink some classical Catholic liturgy. I found their perspective so important, and I know you'll enjoy it as well.   KP lectures on Japanese lore, culture, and comparative religion. Help them continue their work at Crowdrise. _____A Jewish story of the rabbis – this one of Simcha Bunim Bonhart – tells that everyone must have two p … [Read more...]

Liberating Liturgies: Why Mother Bear?

I recently shared a post called "A Creed And A Call," in which I shared my rewritten Apostles' Creed, and then called for others to submit their own Liberating Liturgies--either liturgies that empower you, liturgies that you've rewritten to make them empowering, or empowering liturgies that you've written yourself!I didn't have room in that last post to do much commentary on my Apostles' Creed, and I got several questions about it: Who is Sophia? Why Mother Bear? I'd like to take some time … [Read more...]

On John Shore’s Allyship: A Guest Post

Some background information:Recently, fellow Patheos blogger John Shore wrote a post dismissing all of his critics--from the homophobic/transphobic conservatives, to some of the actual LGBTQ+ people he claims to be be an ally to--claiming that God is on his side. As a queer person who has had problems with Shore's writing in the past, I was frustrated to see Shore lump criticisms from LGBTQ people in with criticisms from bigots, and flippantly dismiss them. I was especially frustrated with … [Read more...]