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There Is No Normal

Just as you lose yourself in astonishment, the anesthetic of familiarity will drag you back to the illusion of normal. Too bad. [Read more…]

Welcome to Patheos Nonreligious

We’re throwing open our doors to the largest-growing segment of the population — those who are neither spiritual nor religious. [Read more…]

Foundation Beyond Belief Needs Your Help!

One humanist donor’s extraordinary generosity means your dollar goes twice as far — but only until Dec 20. [Read more…]

Patheos Atheists Tweet the Third Debate

Debate Night tweets from the bloggers at Patheos Atheist. Let’s do this. [Read more…]

Patheos Atheist Writers Mourn the Loss of Niki Massey

A courageous atheist voice has been silenced too soon. [Read more…]

Humanism and “The Other”

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Patheos Public Square on Immigration and Refugees. Read other perspectives here. By Dale McGowan Founding executive director, Foundation Beyond Belief In the summer of 2013, I spent a lot of time imagining that I had lost everything—and it didn’t take much imagination. It started with the F-5 [Read More…]

16 Nonbelievers in Damned Surprising Places

Finding nonbelievers in some places and times isn’t that surprising. Others, though… [Read more…]

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Humanists Rally Support for Victims of Devastating Ecuador Quake

Foundation Beyond Belief has announced an emergency fund drive in response to a devastating 7.8 magnitude quake in Ecuador. [Read more…]

My Last, Desperate Act of Satire

My students were angry to learn that their college was named for someone who probably didn’t exist. I channeled their anger into one last act of satire. [Read more…]

When Saints Go Missing, Do They Make a Sound?

The details of the 4th century life of St. Catherine of Alexandria are painstakingly woven into the lore and song and symbolism of St. Catherine University, a Catholic college in Minnesota where I taught for many years. But 10 years ago this month, in my last semester on the faculty, I learned that Catherine, the namesake of the university, never existed [Read More…]