Faith is a mysterious and fickle thing. Everyone on earth puts their faith in something. Many have faith in the God of Abraham and weave it into their religion, be they Jews or Muslims. Many others put their faith in that same God of Abraham with the additional spin of the trinity–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit–and they further carve up that faith into sects of similarly-minded believers who practice their beliefs in like ways, be it Catholicism or one of… Read more

Dear Young Americans, First, let me say that I am deeply sorry about the mess we have made of the country. It’s embarrassing and there is no excuse for it. But I am writing to you to encourage you. Hope is not lost. You can fix this. I have great faith in you. I’ve been watching you over the past year. I see that you are watching us. I see that you are worried. I see you taking more interest… Read more

Christians are called upon to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We each are blessed with different spiritual gifts. Our nation is sick. We all need to be using our gifts, now more than ever. But here is the thing; you don’t have to be a Christian to have spiritual gifts. All of us, regardless of our faith–or lack thereof–have the ability to do something to help heal our nation. That power is within us all and it will… Read more

I’ve never been very good at doing the lent thing. Some years I’ve attempted to deprive myself of something during the lenten season with varying degrees of effectiveness. Truth be told, I never choose to give up anything that would truly be a deprivation if I had to live without it. In fact, some years I’ve been known to only half-jokingly say that I am giving up self-deprivation for lent–blasphemous, I know–but I’m a coward in that way, I suppose…. Read more

A couple weeks ago, I did something I almost never do–I wrote a poem. For some reason, I had a couple of phrases bouncing around in my head that would not leave me alone. They sounded more poetic than the kinds of things that normally spark me to sit down and write. So, rather reluctantly, I decided to give in and see where it took me. I didn’t expect to like it much. But to my surprise, I didn’t hate… Read more

I’m barely familiar with Alex Jones. I know he has a radio show and a crackpot news website called Infowars. I know he is alt-right. I know he believes all sorts of completely insane conspiracy theories–including some really offensive things about some of the recent mass shootings, like his claim that Sandy Hook was faked. But I don’t keep up with his day-to-day blather, why would I? It’s just complete nonsense–except…it’s dangerous nonsense because so many far-right people buy into it. Jones… Read more

James Cameron lived a long and distinguished life. That was very nearly not the case. Cameron left behind a wonderful legacy of civil rights activism when he died in 2006, at the ripe old age of 92. His list of accomplishments is impressive. Cameron made his living as a boiler engineer, a trade he learned at Wayne State University and plied until he retired at 65–but he made his mark with his work for civil rights. Life experiences as a… Read more

Is there anything more toxic and depressing than systemic, organizational cancer? Anyone who has ever been a part of an organization ravaged by systemic cancer can tell you that it’s an environment where nothing good can grow. The people not driven out will turn on each other at the drop of a hat. Some, in a manner of self-preservation, will check out emotionally. In order to cope, they become detached, almost zombie-like. Such places are not pretty or pleasant. I’m… Read more

Years ago, I got a new boss at the job I was working. It was clear, from the outset, that he and I shared a common vision. We hit it off, professionally, right away. I liked the initiatives he brought to the table and I appreciated the things upon which he wanted the organization to focus. Likewise, he seemed to like and appreciate what I brought to the table. I became a standard-bearer for the change he sought. One day,… Read more

It’s the beginning of Black History Month. I’m going to try to share some black history throughout the month as I get the opportunity. I’ll start with this fine lady. Her name is Elizabeth Eckford. Because of this famous photo, she became perhaps the most iconic of the group of black high school kids from Arkansas known as the “Little Rock 9.” They were chosen to be the group for the first attempt to desegregate the schools in Little Rock,… Read more

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