This week, John has started tweeting some best quotes and ideas from the Slow Church book… If you use Twitter, make sure that you follow us: @SlowChurches Read more

This is good work for churches to be involved in, working with neighbors to cultivate an imagination for their place that is energized by the common good, health and flourishing, instead of by profit that only benefits a few who often do not even live or have a stake in the neighborhood being developed. Read more

I pray that we will be able to slow down enough to see, hear and understand both the story of what God is doing in history, and amidst the real and beloved members of our churches and neighborhoods! Read more

How Churches Are Finding Abundance in Hard Economic Times Facing declining tithes and offerings, some churches are discovering the power of their theological imagination. by C. Christopher Smith Read more

Justin recently wrote a wonderful book entitled CMYK: The Process of Life Together — which I read in one sitting this past weekend! He recently sent me an excerpt from this book that is very pertinent to Slow Church, and I am delighted to share it with you here. Read more

The story offers encouragement to other congregations for finding needed resources for their own transitions, through the gifts of God’s Spirit, renewal through theological conversation, and trust in God’s sovereign provision to each local church. Read more

What we are calling Slow Church, could be perhaps thought of as seeing our local church as a school for kindness, where we begin to chip away at the individualism that has come to shape our lives over the last several centuries and to learn kindness Read more

Since the Slow Church conference here a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about a tiny point that Phil Kenneson made about sleep, and about how sleep is essential not only to our health (Consider the recent research linking sleep deprivation to ADHD and also to obesity), but also to Christian faithfulness. Read more

  Since today is Earth Day and since I reflected yesterday on some of the ecological themes in in the NOAH movie, I thought it fitting to share an idea that I have recently been introduced to that might help us what church communities might look like that are attentive to their places and creatures, land and ecology of their places. Ched Myers, whom some of you may know from his important commentary on the book of Mark, Binding the… Read more

NOAH is a story in the tradition of the biblical prophets, with striking relevance for our own times. Read more

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