Theology on Tap and Faith vs. Doubt

“Theology on Tap”. It has a nice ring to it. I’m still not sold on the title, “Faith vs. Doubt” as I feel that term encapsulates the sentiments of any believer. All of the faithful, at one point or another, face doubt. With that, “versus” sets the stage for the typical debate, of which Adam and mine are nothing like! I consider “my opponent” as a friend, one that I disagree with on many things, but a friend first and foremost. True, we definitely get down philosophically and challenge each other’s ideas, but the person sitting across from me is my friend. These events provide the opportunity to not just engage, but to learn, about him and his views. With that, Adam and his wife are staying with my family for a few days, so the “debates” are just the beginning!

theology on tap

On Wednesday, July 1st, we’re at “Theology on Tap” at 7pm at the Tow Yard Brewing Company, 501 S. Madison Street, Indianapolis, IN. Talk about a very cool venue for theo-philosophical discord! Book stores, churches, now bars – we’ve literally taken our exchange into a whole new arena! For more information, check out their website.


faith doubt

On Thursday, July 2nd we’re at Faith vs. Doubt Night at 7pm at Crosspoint Church, 13678 Silverstone Drive, Fishers, IN. Though both events are free, this event will take collections, 100% of which will go to support the Polaris Project, a non-profit fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery. For more info, check out the links on Eventbrite and Facebook.


If you’re in the area and interested in theology, philosophy, and science, come check us out. Friendly discord, the big questions, some fun and laughs – you’ll be in good company. And please, come ready to text in live-questions – we always enjoy having to think on our feet. For Adam and I, the events are just our early evening commitments, the after-debate parties are where the real fun begins!


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