It’s Been Good. Really Good.

This is my last post to this blog, I’ve moved camp to my own site thanks mostly to the encouragement of one Mr. Pete Rorabaugh.  I’ll be blogging now at , so please follow me there for new posts about Serial and Adnan’s case. I have to thank the great people at Patheos for putting [Read More…]

Serial Episode 8: Confirmation Bias FTW

For now my takeaway from this episode is this – its not just cops who work with a confirmation bias. It’s all of us. And the only way to overcome that bias is to get as thorough an investigation possible, as many facts on the table as are humanly possible, before drawing conclusions. But that wasn’t done in this case, and apparently isn’t done in most cases. And it’s how and why the system fails people like Adnan. [Read more…]

Serial Episode 7: In Which I Exhale

The wind is fickle and so are people. In the past few weeks the tenor of conversations shifted so significantly against Adnan, it was demoralizing. I wanted to stop reading the Reddit threads positing the many reasons and ways Adnan killed Hae, but I was a spectator surrounded by accidents. I couldn’t look away. Every so often a timid soul would emerge via private message and reassure me that they believed Adnan was innocent, and they believed me when I said no one pressured Asia into writing those documents. [Read more…]

Serial Episode 6: The Worst of It

You may think that today was a particularly bad day for those of us on #TeamAdnan. You would be wrong. [Read more…]

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About

I realized that while I and others close to Adnan were mired in the minutiae of both the case and show, we were part of that case and show for the public. Our interactions online were being discussed, we were being judged and assessed, we were adding both entertainment and substantive value to the discourse. We were also characters in the larger story. [Read more…]

Not Totally “Loosey-Goosey”

Volunteer EMT and star track runner FTW. [Read more…]