My Journey to the Catholic Church

A new feature on the blog begins today!

You may have noticed that over the last few days I have been updating the blog–simplifying the design and making it more interactive with my website and other social media.

The new feature is the ability to purchase audio downloads. The first one is now available in the right sidebar. Click on the image and you will be taken to a page which describes the audio file. When you click to purchase you will go through to PayPal to pay.

You will then receive an email with a password enabling you to download the MP3 audio file. You can listen on your PC, laptop, MP3 player or smart phone.

The first download is an hour long talk I gave telling my conversion story–how I went from an Evangelical home and fundamentalist Bob Jones University to Oxford, the Anglican Church, ordination and finally taking the step to leave it all to become a Catholic.

The second download is part two–in which I tell how I finally ended up coming from being a lay Catholic in England to returning to the USA to be ordained as a Catholic priest.

In future there will be a range of audio files. Watch as this section of the blog expands!

  • Ian

    I just listened to the first of the talks. The final comment by your friend's sister – "there's a justice to it all" – such a beautiful ending.